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[단독]Pastor Haengpae requesting a refund at a meat restaurant sent to the prosecution for four counts of mother and daughter

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A mother and daughter swearing at a meat restaurant in Yangju, accusing them of complying with quarantine rules for the purpose of ‘refunding meals’. © News1

Four months ago, a mother and daughter were sent to the prosecution for so-called ‘refunding and robbery’ against a self-employed couple who ran a meat restaurant in Okjeong City, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

According to the investigation agency and the representative of the meat restaurant on the 26th, Yangju Police Station sent the mother and daughter to the Uijeongbu District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of attempted blackmail, intimidation, violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (Defamation), and obstruction of business.

At the beginning of the investigation, the police decided not to send the case because it was difficult to admit the charge of ‘obstruction of business’.

As a result, the mother and daughter are charged with a total of four charges.

The reason for the prolonged investigation is said to be because the mother and daughter requested the police to change the investigator.

The representative of the meat restaurant said, “The investigation was conducted again from the beginning, so when we found out the reason, the mother and daughter said, ‘It seems to be a partial investigation,’ and requested a replacement of the investigator.”

The mother-daughter side has never tried to reach an agreement or contacted the representative of the restaurant, but instead, it is known that a law firm is appointed to exercise the right of defense.

Notice of closure of a restaurant in Okjeong-dong, Yangju right after the incident in May © News1

Mr. Lee (a pastor and writer) and his daughter ordered a 32,000 won menu at an Okjeong-dong meat restaurant around 7 pm on the 26th of May, and said, ‘This restaurant has violated quarantine rules’ because ‘the elderly sitting next to me were uncomfortable’ . If you report it, you will be fined 3 million won.”

At the same time, Mr. Lee poured out all kinds of threatening remarks such as “Give me money. You change the country. Are you a widow? You won’t leave me alone” and all kinds of abusive language such as “Give me x and get slapped”. Daughter A also called and said, ‘Give me the receipt. change men change the groom I’m going to visit with my groom,” he said, demeaning the owner. This was recorded intact.

Person A also launched a cyber attack by using all communication and SNS methods such as chain reservations for restaurant visits and star terrorism through Naver.

The mother and daughter reported this restaurant to the city, saying that it was ‘violating the Infectious Disease Control Act’, but a city official at the time said, “The restaurant has installed all partitions, and it is confirmed that the owner is wearing a mask at the counter when checking out. It was found that quarantine rules were followed.”

On the other hand, when the damage to the meat restaurant became known through the online community ‘Babe Dream’, messages of encouragement and customers from all over the country were lined up saying, ‘This is a house that has been doing business with sincerity and kindness for 4 years.

In response, the couple running a meat restaurant delivered a donation of 370,000 won to the Yangju Welfare Center for the Disabled in June, adding 3 million won to the donated 700,000 won.

A meat restaurant in Okjeong-dong, Yangju City, where the mother and daughter of the pastor Lee clan killed him. © News 1

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