[충청브리핑] New cause of ‘dementia’ due to ‘element circuit’ in reactive star cells in the brain


▲ The People’s Power Central Ethics Committee began deliberation on disciplinary measures related to the alleged sexual abuse of CEO Lee Jun-seok on the 22nd, but was unable to reach a conclusion even after a meeting that lasted nearly five hours. It was decided to hold a meeting again on the 7th of next month to listen to CEO Lee’s call and decide whether to take disciplinary action or not. A photo of Lee Joon-seok’s press conference. ⓒ Reporter Lee Jong-hyun

◇The cause of dementia’s memory decline is due to the ‘element circuit’ of reactive star cells in the brain.

It has been found that the memory decline in Alzheimer’s dementia, also called ‘the ghost’, is due to the ‘element circuit’ of reactive star cells in the brain.

The JoongAng Ilbo reported in its daily newspaper on the 23rd that, as a result of joint research with KIST, a research team led by Chang-Jun Lee and Dr. Joo Ha-Ha, head of the Cognitive and Sociality Research Center of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) confirmed the existence of element circuits in astral cells and activated element circuits as a new cause of dementia. reported that it has been found to promote dementia.

As a result of the study, stellate cells are star-shaped non-neuronal cells that make up more than half of brain cells, and ‘reactive stellate cells’, which increase in number and size due to the surrounding environment such as Alzheimer’s or inflammation, express MAO-B enzyme, It is said that it produces GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, from putrescine, which causes memory loss.

The research team plans to confirm the potential of the urea cycle enzyme ODC1 as a new inhibitor lead material and start developing a novel Alzheimer’s dementia treatment.

‘Dementia’, also called ‘a disease that erases the mind’ and ‘spectre’, will soon be overcome.

The following is the headline news of the newspapers as of June 23, 2022.

◇Chosun Ilbo

-‘Lee Jun-seok disciplinary action’ Decided after hearing the call on the 7th of next month… Kim Cheol-geun begins disciplinary proceedings

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-All-out deployment of special and public security services that were pushed back during the Wen government… Notice of massive ejaculation work

Bongsu Shin appointed as the head of the anti-corruption department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, with 33 persons above the chief prosecutor.

Lim Gwan-hyeok, the chief of the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office, who will lead the blacklist suspicion by the Ministry of Industry

Jin-dong Roh Jeong-yeon, the first female high prosecutor in history to lead the Daejeon District Prosecutors’ Office

◇ JoongAng Ilbo

-‘Angsuk’ Kim Jong-in invited Jang Je-won’s ‘weird picture’, and his passport is buzzing

Kim, Lecture at the Future Innovation Forum on the 27th “Is ‘Little Kim Jong-in’ Lee Jong-in in check?”

-The Consul of the Constitutional Court who angered “Bangppe” spent more than 100 million a year

– A new cause of dementia has emerged… ‘This’ in the brain discovered by Korean researchers

Reactive star cell ‘element circuit’ in the brain

◇Dong-A Ilbo

– 尹 “Fool for 5 years of nuclear disarmament… We will run in all directions in nuclear power plant sales.”

Finding the second nuclear power plant after winning the election

“The nuclear industry’s ‘non-nuclear bomb’ explodes and is in ruins…

Shin-Hanul Units 3 and 4 to resume as soon as possible”

Support for orders of 1 trillion won by 2025

◇The Hankyoreh Newspaper

-Lee Jun-seok’s disciplinary action will be decided by the ethics committee on July 7th… “Listen to the call and decide”

Ethics Committee “CEO Lee attended and heard the vocation and decided”

“The lengthy process does not help the party chaos”

-5·18 The photo of ‘armored vehicle equipped’ testifies… Martial Law’s Lies

Estimated filming 2 hours before the vehicle rush

The logic of ‘activation of the right to self-defense’ becomes insignificant

Attention as evidence of live ammunition pre-distribution

-Monkey pox ‘prevention hole’… Passed through airport quarantine even with symptoms of a confirmed case

Two confirmed cases and two suspects passed airport quarantine

Government cuts down on “no contact points to be aware of”

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“Report 1339 before quarantine” morning briefing is ‘false’

Eight people, including the seat next to the plane, are under ‘active monitoring’ at medium risk

21 days monitoring… Check symptoms twice a day

◇Maeil Economic Daily

-The number of employees of public corporations increased… Per capita operating profit approaching 100 million won, 1.5 million won last year

Investigation of all 36 public companies under pressure for high-intensity renewal

Increase recruitment without financial improvement

Operating profit plummeted from 100 million won in 5 years

1 out of 2 public companies is with money earned

Not even paying interest

– Launched 144 rockets around the world… Now is the time to raise Korean companies that will participate in the space war.

Presented at Maekyung National Reporting Conference

Entering the era of ‘mid space’

Nuriho’s success was a big deal, but

Launch technology still state-led

“The urgent need to transfer core technology to the private sector”

Korea Economy

– “Korean semiconductors will die within a few years at this rate”… elder’s warning

“The life and death of a competitor is betting, but the government is behind

“The semiconductor ecosystem is worse than it was 40 years ago”

Interview with Kim Kwang-gyo, former head of Samsung Semiconductor Research Center

Taking over as the first director and wiping the industrial base “The era of ‘open book’ where technology cannot be hidden

If the labor shortage and regulatory problems are not resolved, the industry may collapse within a few years.”

◇Chungbuk Ilbo

-“Let’s raise the water level of Musimcheon and launch a sailboat”

Provincial Councilor-elect Park Bong-soon’s proposal was ‘reacted’ by Governor-elect Kim Young-hwan

Constructing the Mihocheon dam to raise the water level of Musimcheon Stream

Obstacles such as occurrence of submerged areas, water level control, and huge budget

– Prosecutor-level personnel announcement… Bae Yong-won appointed as Chief Prosecutor of Cheongju District Prosecutor’s Office

– Appointed Kim Gyo-tae as the 36th Chief of the Chungbuk National Police Agency

◇Chungcheong Times

-Establishment of prestigious high schools such as AI gifted high schools

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Superintendent of Superintendent Yoon Gun-young and Governor-elect Kim Young-hwan to meet next week

Promises and commitments to the earth were expressed several times… the president promises

– Suspect arrested for the murder of a 40-year-old woman in Yeongdong-gun, Cheongju

-Increase the quorum of the Cheongju City Council from 6 to 7 standing committees

◇Chungcheong Today

– Daejeon tram showing administrative difficulties… where is the person in charge

Daejeon City already recognized the problem last year and discussed the disciplinary procedure for the insolvent service staff

Simple personnel transfer measures, blunt disposition, and no transparent decision-making

Reliability of the method of calculating the total cost of fried dumplings after 4 months has fallen… “Clear responsibility”

-“Wow, it’s summer”… Chungnam Beach to open sequentially early next month

The first opening after the lifting of the distance… Expectations for revitalization of local tourism

◇Daejeon Daily

– ‘Aemul Complex’ for decades in a buffer green area in downtown Daejeon

A policy discussion meeting was held earlier, but there was no improvement

Change in terrain height, open space creation, etc. urgently needed

– ‘Plan real estate fraud allegations’ group lawsuit likely to continue

Victims “trust the transaction more with ex-journalist and religious affiliation”

The company was late to rectify the situation, but criticized for ‘removal of the right side’

– Former Army Chief of Staff Lee Jin-sam as the 13th president of the Chungcheong Hyangwu Association

◇ Joongdo Ilbo

-All 22 people elected to the Daejeon City Council are new… Average age 51

– Appointment of Hanbat University president delayed due to absence of Minister of Education

Students affected by disruption to the academic schedule

◇Jungbu Daily

-Who is the appointed person for political office in Chungcheongbuk-do?

Interested in whether Lee Kyu-seok and Kim Gap-soo were selected… To be announced this week at the earliest

-Lee Jun-bae, President of Korea Accelerator Association, to the 4th Sejong Municipal Government Deputy Mayor for Government Affairs


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