‘2 goals against Ghana’ Cho Kyu-seong confirms his popularity… Even dating rumors that are not true

On the 28th (local time), the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group H match between Korea and Ghana held at Al Rayyan Education City Stadium in Qatar, Cho Kyu-seong scored an equalizer and is celebrating. news

Korea’s ‘World Cup 2022’ soccer team’s Korean Cho Kyu-seong (24) and model Ji-min-ju (19) were rumored to be dating, but it was confirmed to be untrue.

According to the entertainment industry on the 1st, dating rumors were recently raised in the online community based on Jo Kyu-sung and Ji-min’s following on social media. Some netizens also claimed that Ji Min-joo in the past posted a photo of him wearing a uniform with Cho Kyu-sung’s number 9 on social media.

[서울=뉴시스] Ji Min-joo. 2022.12.01. (Photo = Instagram capture) photo@newsis.com *Resale and DB prohibited

Ji Min-joo’s agency told some media outlets that “there is nothing that can be answered” regarding the dating rumor, but as the related facts quickly spread online, they confirmed again, “The rumor is not for dating indeed.” Football fans say to refrain from spreading gossip so that Cho can focus on the game as he has an important match against Portugal ahead of him.

Cho Kyu-seong became a star by scoring two consecutive goals in Qatar’s World Cup Group H match against Ghana on the 28th of last month. In particular, he immediately stole the hearts of women with his beautiful appearance and firm body. The original skill is also excellent. As a member of Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League 1, he scored 17 goals last season and won the top scorer. Ji-min works constantly as a model.


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