2022/23 sugarcane preliminary price at 1,080 baht / ton, concerns about sugarcane burning still high

Preliminary sugarcane price in 2022/23 at 1,080 baht / ton for 10 ccs, the same price throughout the country. The rate varies at 64.80 baht per 1 cc unit. After passing the public hearing Ready to repeat the solution to the PM2.5 problem The aim is to reduce the burning of sugar cane to zero this season. Concerned about the latest sugarcane crushing, more than 15 million tons of sugarcane have been burnt.

Mr. Panuwat Triyangkunsri, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Industry Acting General Secretary of the Cane and Sugar Board (Shor.) He revealed that the meeting of the Cane and Sugar Board (Con.) with Mr. Natthaphon Rangsitphon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry chaired on February 6, approved the announcement of the initial sugarcane price for the 2022/23 production year at a price of 1,080 baht per ton at a sweetness level of 10 ccs at 64.80 baht per unit 1 cc and the profit on sugar production and distribution at a price of 462.86 baht per tonne. Section 50 of the Cane and Sugar Act, BE 2527 has been completed. It will be presented to the Cabinet (Cabinet) for approval shortly. before the timetable is published in the Royal Gazette
However, at the NON meeting, there was also an emphasis on solving the country’s problem of dust pollution caused by burning sugar cane. Currently, the PM 2.5 dust situation in Thailand is quite critical. and one of the reasons is the illegal burning of sugar cane before it is cut to the factory So the Cabinet (Cabinet) set a goal to reduce the burning of sugar cane in the 2022/2023 production season to 0%, and it emphasizes farmers and factories sugar to cooperate with the government to return fresh air to the Thai people during this difficult time with COVID- 19 and also to support the tourism economy

According to the latest data between 1 December 2022 and 2 February 2023, more than 52 million tonnes of sugarcane were found to have been crushed and more than 15 million tonnes of these were smuggled sugarcane, accounting for a high proportion of 29.93%. The 5 provinces that burned the most sugarcane were Nakhon Ratchasima 2.03 million tons, Udon Thani 1.25 million tons, Kalasin 1.21 million tons, Phetchabun 1.09 million tons and Suphan Buri 1.03 million tons, while 5 groups of companies that got the sugarcane burning, most of the companies that received sugarcane. namely Thai Rung Ruang Group (10 plants) 3.06 million tonnes, Miter Phol Group (7 plants) 2.87 million tonnes, Khon Kaen Sugar Group (5 plants) 1.57 million tonnes, Wangkanai Group (4 plants) 1.33 million tonnes and Agrithai Group (3 plants) 0.90 million tonnes.

“As a result of the increasing proportion of smuggled sugar cane, this situation is quite critical. Both climate situations are affected by burning. affecting public health and the tourism sector It also clearly reflects that many farmers and sugar mills are not cooperating with the government to reduce the amount of sugar that is illegally burned. The Ministry of Industry will integrate with relevant agencies such as the Ministry of the Interior. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Take action against farmers’ smuggling. and sugar factories that support burning,” said Mr. Panuwat.

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