5 domestic Huangyou heroine Steam “Female Boxing F-ist” revealed Steam, a love simulation game that first communicates with fists and then communicates with small heads | 4 Gamers

The adult dating simulation game “F-ist Boxing Female” developed by the Happy Monster Team has publicly promoted the PV. The game is expected to be released on the Steam platform this fall.

“Female Boxing F-ist” was published last year and caused discussion in the community. The background of the game is based on the world view of the crazy increase of the value of female power around the world. In the world that is dominated by female boxing, players play the role of “boxing sex male fight” and shoot the all people.Lang promises to regain the dignity of men and capture women with power and charm.

Basically, the game has evolved from a simple battle to open a room to a development simulation game that requires training the male protagonist.

04 Main male practice area

02 Main interface_The challenge of the strongest female fighters around the world



This work is drawn by the author of the adult comic book “MK Girl” in Hong Kong. Currently it is revealed that there are 5 characters in the game that can be navigated, namely “Kai Ting”, a Chinese girl, and “Ninja Girl”. Fengxiang”, the vampire princess “Danielle”, and the tribal female warrior “Umi”.

As for the battle system, it uses simple arrow keys to attack and defend. Different actions will cause the heroines to perform differently. If you hit successfully in a row, you can also encounter the heroines welfare screen bursting into clothes.


Beaten up

You can get money by winning the battle, and the game also has related development elements to train the male protagonist. For example, money can also be used to open new plots, or to have a heart-to-heart conversation in the future with the heroine.

Of course, developing a simulated design like this is also very convenient for adding new content in the future.


The new adult domestic work “F-ist Boxing Female” is expected to be released in the fall of 2022. The detailed release date and price have not been announced yet. Interested men can join the wishlist first.

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