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5,820 new companies, up 3%, expecting strong growth in Q4 after the lockdown is lifted, opening the country

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The company was set up in September 64, recovering, with a total of 5,820 cases, an increase of 3% after the impact of COVID-19. Previously, the total number of cancellations was 1,503, a decrease of 4%, a total of 9 months, 58,056 cases, an increase of 16%, cessation of 8,749, a reduction of 16 % expected in the 4th quarter to set a new one for sure after loosening the lockdown additional vaccination and open the country to tourists

Tossapon Thangsubutr, director-general of the Department of Business Development, revealed that in September 2021, there were 5,820 applicants for registration of new partnerships across the country, an increase of 5% compared to August. 2021 in the past and increased by 3% compared to Sept. 2020, with a registered capital of 13,973.77 million baht. The top three new business types are general building construction business. real estate business and the transport and cargo business, including passengers, ranked 3rd for 5 consecutive months. According to the expansion of logistics business and online trading. As for the discontinued business, there were 1,503 businesses, compared to Aug. 2021, an increase of 28% and compared to Sept. 2020, a decrease of 4%, with a registered capital of 5,764.59 million baht. general building construction real estate business and restaurant business

For the total number of new businesses during the 9 months of 2021 (Jan.-Sept.), there were 58,056 cases, an increase of 16%, registered capital of 172,588.42 million baht, an increase of 16.29%, while 8,749 businesses were liquidated, a decrease of 16% of registered capital. 45,208.20 million baht, a decrease of 5.634%

“The reason for the increase in registration in September 2021 came from the start of loosening the lockdown. As a result, economic activity returned. has accelerated vaccination Make entrepreneurs have more confidence in doing business. After the previous registration of new establishments affected by COVID-19 Causing the registrations to slow down, but the trend of registrations during the fourth quarter of this year (Oct.-Dec.) will continue to recover. After the lockdown has been lifted Curfew has been canceled and opening the country to accommodate tourists This will be a factor to build confidence in entrepreneurs’ business operations,” said Mr. Thosapol.

Mr. Thosapol said that the Department has analyzed the number of business establishments in the third quarter of 2021, found that many new businesses are in line with the behavior of people that have changed from the Covid-19 epidemic situation, such as businesses. create a server There were a total of 172 new establishments, an increase of 6 times from the same period last year (Q3 of 2020) and the business of growing spices, fragrances, medicines and pharmaceutical plants. There were 44 new establishments, a four-fold increase from the same period last year.

“Interesting is growing crop business This is in line with the policy of the Ministry of Public Health that emphasizes on encouraging government hospitals to use herbs to treat diseases. in conjunction with the use of modern medicine Unlocking cannabis for permission to plant, produce, import seeds, possess and sell them. including the spread of COVID-19 As a result, the value of herbal consumption tends to increase. Entrepreneurs who saw a way to change their business turned to set up more businesses of this type,” said Mr. Thosapol.


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