8th day of Gwangju apartment collapse

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Today is the 8th day since the Gwangju apartment collapse accident.

Let’s take a look at the situation of the search for the missing person by connecting a reporter. Reporter Dahyun Lee, how is the current situation?

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The search operation continued until 8 pm yesterday as well, but there was no result.

Yesterday, the fire department removed all the debris from the first basement and the first floor, where one missing person in his 60s was previously found, but could not find another missing person in the vicinity.

The problem is that high-rise buildings where there are high chances of missing people are not being searched in earnest due to the high risk of additional accidents.

Rescue authorities are planning to search the upper floors of the building as soon as they come up with a way for rescuers to work safely, but this is likely to take some time.

At the expert meeting held yesterday, it was diagnosed that a tower crane standing anxiously next to a collapsed building is in a very dangerous state.

The assembly of two large 1,200-ton cranes to dismantle the tilted crane is scheduled to be completed today.

After reinforcing the existing crane with wire, etc., we plan to finish dismantling by Friday.

Police investigations are also accelerating.

Police raided 10 companies that delivered concrete to the accident site yesterday.

In addition, a total of nine people, including the head of Hyundai Industrial Development’s construction department, site managers of subcontractors, and supervisors, were additionally booked on charges of negligent manslaughter and building law violations.

So far, this is Lee Da-hyun from MBC News at the site of the Gwangju apartment collapse.

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