A “Bing Image Creator” that generates images with phrase input is integrated into Bing Chat. Also available in Microsoft Edge

On March 21, Microsoft announced that Bing Image Creator, which generates original images based on user input of phrases, is now available in Bing Chat.

Bing Image Creator Now Available in Bing Chat

“Bing Image Creator” automatically generates and displays an image that matches the phrase entered by the user. It is realized by OpenAI AI image generation “DALL-E 2”.

If you search for images on the Internet and can’t find an exact match to your image, Bing will create it for you.

The feature will be integrated into Bing’s chat feature, and will also be available from Microsoft Edge. To use Bing Image Creator in Edge, click the icon in the sidebar to generate an image, or call it from Bing Chat inside Edge.

On the Microsoft Blog, a user asked, “Can you create for me an image of an astronaut walking through a galaxy of sunflowers?” If you ask, we will submit a sample that produces 4 images that match the image. The feature will come in handy when you’re looking for images and don’t see what you’re looking for. By having an AI draw instead, you can fill the “hole”.

Bing Image Creator, integrated into Bing Chat, is available today in preview for desktop and mobile versions. For those who have not joined the preview, it is available in English at this link.

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(Image: Microsoft)


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