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The United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced on September 24, 2022 local time, “Delta IV Heavy” I conducted the rocket launch. The rocket hasNational Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Satelliteinstalled, and the launch mission is “NROL-91is called. According to ULA and NRO,the launch was successfulabout him This mission was the last to launch a Delta IV Heavy from California.

[▲ Lansiwyd roced “Delta IV Heavy” o Sylfaen Llu Gofod Vandenberg (Credyd: ULA)]

Delta IV Heavy with NRO satellites on board at 3:25 pm local time on September 24, 2022 in California, USA.Vandenberg Space Force Basewas launched from About 4 minutes after launch, the two boosters attached to both sides of the fuselage were successfully separated. Five minutes later, the main engines shut down and the rocket’s first stage airframe separated from the second stage. Six minutes after launch, the fairing (a cover to protect the satellite) attached to the front of the rocket separated.

The launch was broadcast live on ULA’s official YouTube channel, but at the request of the NRO, the broadcast ended after the fair parted ways. Details such as the height at which the satellite will be placed and the orbital inclination angle have not been announced.ULA and NRO announced a successful launch about two hours after launchHe did.

[▲ Roced “Delta IV Heavy” yn paratoi ar gyfer ei lansio (Credyd: ULA)]

[▲ Roced “Delta IV Heavy” yn paratoi ar gyfer ei lansio (Credyd: ULA)]

The Delta IV is a large two-stage rocket with a total length of 71m and a diameter of 5m (per core), and comes in two types: medium and heavy. This was the rocket’s 43rd launch (14th for the heavy type), 15 of which were NRO launch missions.

NROL-47 2018 was the last NRO launch by the medium type Delta IV. Two more heavy NRO launch missions, scheduled for 2023 and 2024 at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, are currently being developed by ULA.They are expected to be replaced by Vulcan rocketsin. As previously mentioned, this was the last Delta IV Heavy launch from Space Force Station Vandenberg, California.


  • Credit: ULA
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