A fielder will be reduced to a boundary for an over rate less than T20; ICC with new rules

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced new rules to make T20 cricket, the smallest format of cricket, more fun. The ICC is going to introduce new features including slow over rate and drinkless brakes. The ICC recommends that in addition to the penalty for following a low over rate in a T20 match, another rule must be followed.

The lowest over rate in the innings will now reduce a fielder outside the 30 yard circle. Allow one fielder to play less than the number of fielders allowed until the end of the match. The new updates will come into effect from this month. The new rule will be tested for the first time on January 16 at the West Indies-Ireland match in Sabina Park, Jamaica. It may also be tested in the women’s first match between South Africa and the West Indies.

Consider the new law, which goes beyond the penalties set for the minimum over rate. Another new rule announced by the ICC is that the first ball must be bowled and the last ball must be bowled within the stipulated time. As part of the new changes, the governing body has decided to offer optional drink-breaks in the middle of the innings in bilateral T20 matches. But it is up to the respective teams to decide whether to take it or not. The drinkhouse break is usually two minutes and 30 seconds.


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