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A new superman joins ‘Shodol’…I plan to attract mothers’ viewers

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The daily drama prince will appear on the popular parenting entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman’.

KBS2 ‘The Return of Superman’

On KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman (hereafter, Shdol)’ broadcast on the 21st, actor Kim Jin-woo reveals his daily life with his daughter Dan-hee and son Moon-ho. Kim Jin-woo is an actor called the ‘daily drama prince’ for his intelligent image and delicate emotional acting. As she has a strong mother’s fan base, it is expected to prove her popularity in ‘Shodol’.

KBS2 ‘Left-handed Wife’

Dan-hee and Bung-ho, who will be released for the first time in the broadcast, are expected to capture the hearts of aunts and uncles on the LAN with their completely different charms. It was reported that 3-year-old Dan-hee had a sweet and bloody personality and said that she picked up on her father and younger brother. She is usually a charming daughter, but once she has an accident, her scale is terrifying, raising curiosity.

On the other hand, his younger brother, Moonho, has a completely different personality despite his similar appearance to his older sister. With a gentle personality that doesn’t cry well no matter what happens, she plans to show off her gentle charm that makes her laugh even with her little sister’s intense expressions of affection.

Naver TV, KBS2 ‘The Return of Superman’

Kim Jin-woo married a flight attendant three years younger than him in 2018 and had a daughter Dan-hee in October of the following year and his son Moon-ho this year.

Kim Jin-woo, who joined as the new Superman, will be broadcast on the 21st at 9:15 pm.


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