A public toilet for one lakh people in Comilla city

Common people of Comilla City Corporation (CUSIC) are suffering daily due to lack of public toilets. Especially women and ordinary people coming from outside the city are suffering the most.

According to Kusik’s calculations, the population in 27 wards of Comilla city is about 5 lakhs. Apart from this, more than 1 lakh people live temporarily in the city. But there are only 6 public toilets in the city for 6 lakh people. That is, there is only one public toilet for every 100,000 people. Among them, Kandirpara, one of the heart centers of the city, has no toilets. The 6 public toilets in the city are unsanitary and unusable.

On Tuesday (January 24), 6 public toilets in the city were seen on the ground, most of the toilets do not have doors, drains or even containers. Some toilets are full of garbage. Another commode is broken.

The floating people of Kandirpar area have to suffer the most in the city due to public toilets. Thousands of pedestrians walk here every day. Especially after the afternoon, many people come to spend their free time at the city’s town hall ground after their busy schedule. But since there are no public toilets in the area, visitors can be seen urinating all over the three sides of the town hall. It is causing serious damage to the environment.

Going to the public toilets in the railway station area of ​​the city, it is seen that unclean commodes have turned yellow, broken basins, water accumulated on the floor. Due to the lack of renovation, there is a strong smell. Professor of Comilla Medical College Department of Gynecology Dr. Nilufa Parveen said that common people may be at risk of health if they do not do natural work on time. It is important to have public toilets in the city. Labor and professional women are facing health risks due to not being able to use the toilet.

When asked about this, General Secretary of Bangladesh Environment Movement (Bapa) Comilla, Ali Akbar Masum said, there is no alternative to public toilets to keep the environment healthy in Comilla. If civic amenities are not ensured in the city in proportion to the population, various difficulties will arise. Lack of planning is responsible for this. The city corporation has not looked into public toilets since the beginning.

This environmentalist feels that every ward of the city corporation should have a public toilet.

Mayor of Comilla City Corporation Arfanul Haque Rifat said that there will be enough public toilets in the city. We will re-tender. Apart from this, there is a plan to have a public toilet with police box in Kandirpar area. looking at the place Hopefully this problem will be solved.

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