A ruthless father conspired with a mistress to kill 2 biological children and was sentenced to death! He wrote 3 letters of repentance and asked for forgiveness from his ex-wife | International | QUANTITY

A father and his mistress were sentenced to death for murdering their children, Before the second trial, they wrote a letter of regret and begged their ex-wife for forgiveness. (Photo / flip from Douyin)

In late 2020, two young children fell to their deaths from the 15th floor in Chongqing, China. At first, the case was thought to be an accidental fall, but then the police found many suspicions and found that it was all staged. caused by the father of the two young children and the plan of his mistress. Both people were also sentenced to death by the court in the first place. Unexpectedly, during the appeal of the case in the second place, the father actually wrote to his ex-wife to ask for forgiveness, making the ex-wife thought that he wrote the letter to repent to save his life.

According to a comprehensive report by Lu Media, in November 2020, two children suddenly fell from the 15th floor to their deaths. At the moment of the incident, Zhang Bo, the father of the two children, sat paralyzed on the floor country for a while. , blame himself very much, and even hit his head against the wall Express your grief. At first, the case was classified as “a child fell from the building accidentally” Unexpectedly, under the police investigation, it was discovered that the murderers of the whole case were Zhang Bo and his mistress.

The judge believed in the first place that Zhang Nan and his mistress were intentional killers. Their behavior was extremely bad, breaking the bottom line of human relations, morality, and the law, and their crime methods were brutal. also appealed.

Unexpectedly, while waiting for the second trial, Zhang Nan suddenly asked the lawyer to meet his ex-wife Chen Meilin. After being refused, he wrote three letters on January 1, January 14, and January 27 this year, he admitted to his ex-wife and asked for forgiveness, but the total number of words in the three letters did not exceed 1,200 words.

In this regard, Chen Nv also said that she and her family believe that these letters are not sincere at all. If you really feel that you have done something wrong, shouldn’t you you express your remorse at the moment of the incident? Zhang Nan only these steps now, I simply want to ask for her forgiveness before the second trial, in order to reduce the sentence.