A statement from the official spokesman for the political process – Sudanile

Today, Thursday, March 23, corresponding to the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, the first meeting of the final agreement drafting committee was held in the Republican Palace, consisting of 11 members from the civil forces that signed the framework agreement, and a representative of each of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces.
The meeting initially confirmed the terms of reference for drafting the final political agreement, which are the political framework agreement, the draft political declaration that was discussed with the non-signatory forces, the recommendations of the four political process workshops and conferences that have been held so far, and the draft transitional constitution prepared by the Bar Association Steering Committee workshop, which the parties discussed later and built upon. framework political agreement.
The meeting discussed the structure of the agreement to consist of a draft final political agreement that contains the same chapters as the framework agreement, with an expansion in its explanation, adding a preamble and a chapter to the final provisions, in addition to five annexed protocols dealing with the five issues and based entirely on the recommendations of workshops and conferences of the final stage of the political process.
The meeting decided that the committee would be in continuous session, with two sessions per day, day and evening, at the Republican Palace, and the committee had completed, in today’s meeting, a draft proposal for the implementation of the Juba Sudan peace agreement and the completion of peace, justice and transitional justice, according to the recommendations of the conferees.
The committee will continue its work this evening, and will provide public opinion with developments in its work step by step, and will work to complete the drafting of the full draft agreement in a few days, in preparation for submitting it to the joint political mechanism that includes all parties with a view to discussing and authorizing it to reach the signing of the final political agreement in accordance with the agreed timetables.
Khartoum – March 23, 2023 AD
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