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‘Abortion Advice’ Kim Seon-ho, viral situation? Looking at Choi Young-ah’s private life – Reporter Su-ji Han

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Those who claim to be acquaintances of actor Kim Seon-ho are obscuring the essence of ex-girlfriend Choi’s private life.

Recently, in various online communities, an article titled ‘Kim Seon-ho caught viral’ was published.

The post contains a capture of the search results for ‘actor Kim Seon-ho’s injustice on Dispatch’ on the portal site.

Kim Seon-ho / Top Star News HD Photo Bank, Online Community

As a result of actually entering the search term, there were towels or posts with similar contents.

The post said, “Is it the end if you make Kim Seon-ho into abortion scum on the net and drop him as a well-known actor and say that he is misunderstood? Dispatch has finally revealed it. So it is correct that one side has to wait for some time and wait for the neutral gear. The real Kim Seon-ho I think I did enough, but because of my ex-girlfriend, all the advertisements were blown away, and I got off the show and edited it, and I’m really pissed off.”

In addition, Dispatch’s ‘”Ask Youngah Choi”, which was published on the 26th… Kim Seon-ho shared an article titled ‘Twelve Distorted Truths’.

The authors claim that public opinion has completely changed since Dispatch. It was not known whether it was a viral or an organized movement of some fans, but they were forming a different opinion.

Earlier, through this article, the entertainment media Dispatch revealed that Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend was Choi Young-ah, an ex-weather caster, and he made it difficult for Kim Seon-ho with men’s problems, obsession, and luxurious life.

Due to this, the arrow of criticism goes to the ex-girlfriend, raising concerns about invasion of privacy and excessive personal hair.

However, the ex-girlfriend’s private life has nothing to do with this case, and it seems insufficient to erase the fact that Kim Seon-ho encouraged an abortion.
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