Above 35ping, all RNG-related events in the League of Legends mid-season will be replayed | 4Gamers

Previously, we reported that “the “League of Legends” mid-season game kicked off many players, but it seems that there are more than 35Pings.” After an investigation by Riot, it was found that there was indeed a problem with the so-called delay system, so it was decided to replay all RNG games.

According to the official Weibo content of “League of Legends” as follows:

Three days have passed since the 2022 MSI, and after conducting a wider technical assessment of the game and training environment, we found that the delays presented in all game logs differed from the experience in Busan. As such, we’ll be making configuration changes starting with today’s race to reduce overall latency on the race stage.

In addition, this issue affected all teams participating in Busan, especially RNG participated in the unforeseen situation of different delays between the two sides. Therefore, from a competition fairness perspective, we decided to replay all three games with RNG. The replay will conclude with all other group matches by Sunday, May 15. The first replay is scheduled for tomorrow. We apologize to the players, teams and fans for this, and promise to continue to work with the players, monitor the competition environment, and commit to maintaining the fairness of the competition.

– Alex Francois, Global Head of Event Operations at Riot Games

After the announcement, not only audiences in most countries were dumbfounded, but even Chinese netizens were scolded for a while, believing that RNG was eaten tofu, and many people even encouraged RNG to retire in protest. Some netizens said, “You beg Going with the LPL, the rules you specified, you go back on your word, are you alright? Are we easy to bully?”, “If you don’t beat the championship, it will be awarded to the stick”, etc. Riot is obviously in a state of not being human inside and out.



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