amen! Chatchat helps answer. Drop the cabinet Phra Brahma Shrine Where does the money go? Watch transparency over 100

amen! Chatchat helps answer. Drop the cabinet Phra Brahma Shrine Where does the money go? Watch transparency over 100

On September 23 around 5:50 am, Bangkok Governor Chatchat Sittiphan transmitted via Facebook from Ratchaprasong Intersection, Pathumwan District, referring to the water situation where there was heavy rain last night in Bangkok. but deteriorating rapidly Including the problem of hawkers, stalls and homeless people, work is being done on it.

Meanwhile, the Brahma shrine opens the door for you to enter and worship. Mr Chatchat then paid obeisance to Brahma. by meeting the staff of the Thao Mahaprom capital Foundation ‘Erawan Hotel’ which is a fund that brings the fruit to the hospitals across the country

Mr. asked. Khatchat was that How many hospitals have you donated this year? Answer: More than 50 places, a total of nearly 100 million baht.

Money deposited in the cabinet Donations will go to the Phra Phrom Erawan Foundation. and bring it to a shortage hospital charity I have always done merit. The office is inside There are directors who are elected. hospitals that require various equipment,” said Mr Chatchart. Then ask about donations during this time after the COVID epidemic situation.

The officer replied that This period has begun to enter. because foreigners started to enter Chinese people give a lot

Mr Chatchart asked if Why did you come to work so early in the morning, the answer was ‘to open the cabinet’?

Mr Chatchart said, ‘Satisfactory’.

Then he said that he gives every year on his birthday It is estimated that it has been about 20 years, he has been bound to all the brothers in the wonderful organization that have been together for a long time.

“The Father (Pol. Gen. Sanae Sitthiphun) is also a member of the organization… If you get a chance, come and make merit. for peace of mind and to do merit for people who are in hospitals all over the country,” said Mr Chatchart.

The official said The organization also donates to the hospital every year, even when there is no donation coming in. because there is still interest from the fund This year, 100 million baht have been donated, the total donations are about 1.8 billion During the Covid-19 crisis, a large number of ventilators have been donated.

Mr Chatchat said, ‘Oh! This is pure faith.” But now the interest is rather low. The organization sends a letter every year. where the foundation brings the money to contribute How the judges are chosen So, transparency is more than 100 percent.

Mr Chatchat then invites those who wish to donate. Can go into the office in the Erawan Hotel car park can set up a private fund Or you can donate from time to time.

“For example, I set up a private fund for my children. When we make merit, it stays in this fund. sees the fund steadily increasing as a record Remind us to do so in the public interest,” said Chatchat.

At the end, the staff found that they were sweeping in the Pathumwan area and Mr Chatchat asked if it was a Flood or not, the answer is that it is not flooded today. Mr Chatchart then asked to close the live by saying that ‘The internet is not good today, let’s go first’

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