Home Entertainment Ananda goes into the business of selling fermented fish sauce during the covid period. She was teased to collect money to propose to her girlfriend?!

Ananda goes into the business of selling fermented fish sauce during the covid period. She was teased to collect money to propose to her girlfriend?!

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Ananda went into the business of selling fermented fish sauce – Jaew sauce during the Covid-19 period. She was teased to collect money for her girlfriend, Nat Nicha, a beautiful designer, to get married. Talking about the future together

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Open a business to sell fermented fish sauce. and dipping sauce During the covid-19 until being teased about saving money to propose to a girlfriend or not for the young hero Ananda Everingham and sweetheart Nat Nicha A beautiful designer that fans cheered after both of them posted a couple photos. Show off each other sweet regularly.

On October 29, 2021, Ananda young man came to attend the sacrifice ceremony for the movie press conference. “Dare to dream.. rob the city” at Ban Rick Co., Ltd., which after the end of the job gave an interview about doing business Ready to update love life

How do you have to come and play with your injured leg? “Stand-ins like this (laughs). No, my character in the story doesn’t have to go into battle at all. And for the most part, it’s like The Fast and the Furious is about racing, but there might be some kicks.”

How should I be careful? “Every day physically Because the bone in my foot has been cut twice and the broken bone will never come back. So what I have to deal with is not to get it inflamed. Which can help is to manage the tendons. and the muscles surrounding the bone There will be more and more people coming in physically.”

Are you worried? “Well, it’s been over 10 years, so we know how to prepare. But I admit that there are days when we are discouraged. Because it hurts every step of the way and it hurts so much like we feel sorry for ourselves. But when I think that I’m alive now, it’s okay.”

Now how many percentages are back the same? “If I wear good shoes, I think it’s 80 percent. It hurts every step. feel every step Just more or less.”

The pain won’t go away? “Well, it becomes like a person whose muscles are very tight. If you stay still, you won’t feel anything. But when we go to use it, it will feel. but mine is in my feet I can’t walk There is also a part that it is used to. Another part is managing inflammation. Think of the colored bones. When it comes to a lot of colors It was inflamed. The pain came from there But if we manage our health, diet, physical, it will be healthy.”

Is there a 100% chance of losing it? “Not recovered, need a whole life physical every time we walk We have to put our weight on the broken bone.”

Does surgery help? “I had another surgery last year. It’s about the fascia and bone sprouts that overrun the nerves. is to solve the problem that arises After the motorcycle overturned over 10 years ago, then in 10 years I had to go through the surgery again. The only way is maybe with new technology. have a prosthesis in the foot which it does not yet have Now I only see knees.”

Ask about new businesses that have emerged during the covids? “Selling jaew sauce and fermented fish sauce. because it can’t work So let’s talk about it from the production house. What can I change? is that we have passion already cooking Then his partner had a dream of opening a Somtum restaurant. So I came to make fermented fish sauce. and then add more dipping sauce The concept is healthy as keto. And then there are plans to break out into other products, confectionery, and is about to open a restaurant that uses these ingredients. Maybe a papaya salad restaurant, a yum restaurant.”

Doing business to save money for marriage? “No, 2 years ago, there was nothing to do. First year driving all over the country until the tour company can be opened Until I can’t wait to find something to do So I opened a fun business. But do it and do it seriously.”

Are you close to getting married yet? “Wait until it’s time to let everyone know again. because we have talked But it’s personal. Wait for everything to be clearer before speaking.”

Is the woman speeding up? “No, as appropriate. That is, we talked about wanting everything to fit in. don’t rush If we are going to think that we will live together forever, why rush?”

Do you want to dress up? “Well, I’m looking at the matter of my life partner more. The matter of composing is the correctness of tradition. which we want to make everyone happy.”

Strong muscles these days? “It has to play a movie. I have to come back and get fit.”

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