‘Army’ doesn’t block ‘going far’ campaign for military camps, just waiting for the Election Commission’s steps to be 100% neutral

KASIKORNBANK insists that all parties are open to election campaigns to repair Lak Si district in the military unit, not obstructing the ‘going forward’ use of the area, pointing to the power of the Provincial Election Commission to announce that all parties use equal unit space Identify neutral – do not direct the troops to choose anyone.

On January 21, at the Ministry of Defense, Col. Wanchana Sawasdee, Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Addressing the guidelines of the armed forces in supporting elections in Bangkok District 9 (Lak Si), that the armed forces have clear guidelines written in four types of support for elections: supporting people, places, vehicles, and public relations. In the case of any political party requesting to vote in the unit The unit must notify the Provincial Election Commission. (Provincial Election Commission) to announce an invitation for political parties to campaign and will set up a central area for all political parties to speak about their own party’s policies and to queue up political parties

When asked whether to wait for all political parties to come together or not Col. Wanchana said that if the Provincial Election Commission announced the invitation, there was only one political party. Without any other party wishing to enter, the Election Commission will announce that a single political party will enter. Considered to be open as well Confirm that the military insists on supporting the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State. In the event that the party goes further, asks to campaign in the military unit of Army but was rejected by giving reasons that there is only one party We have to look at How will the Election Commission proceed? This may be that it is still in the process. Election Commission announces invitations to other political parties Because usually when doing things to the unit, they still can’t come to campaign immediately. because the unit has to wait on the way The Election Commission notified in advance to prepare the area and the personnel who came to listen first. including the queue of other political parties that will be able to join

Col. Wanchana said that As for the way in which the armed forces come out and exercise their rights, it affirms that we are open to soldiers and families. in granting the right to freedom of voting unlimited rights The unit’s public relations will follow its roles and duties. and does not lean towards any political party The military is one hundred percent politically neutral. We can do this in terms of campaigning for soldiers and their families to exercise their rights as much as possible. not to sleep on the right



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