Australia finds the country’s first smallpox case – MCOT Thai News Agency

SYDNEY, May 20 – Australia reported the country’s first case of chickenpox. A person who has just returned from England. and is verifying another suspected infection

Victoria’s Office of Public Health South-eastern Australia said today that a man in his 30s was found to be infected. Traveling from England back to Melbourne The state capital on Monday, a man in his 40s in Sydney. New South Wales east of australia Suspected infection and recently returned from Europe. Both men had mild symptoms upon their return. It is a symptom consistent with chickenpox. NSW health officials reassured communities that The disease is not contagious as is the case with the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 or the flu. By informing doctors and hospitals to increase surveillance.

Several countries that have not seen chickenpox have reported their first cases in recent weeks, such as England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Canada, the United States, although most of the disease occurs in West and Central Africa. Caused by a virus similar to human chickenpox. but have fewer symptoms It was first diagnosed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the post-1970s, and has seen more cases in West Africa over the past decade. Patients will have fever, headache, and a rash on their face and spread to other parts of the body.-Thai News Agency

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