BACK TO THE 90s CONCERT” to renew the happy atmosphere of the 90s, “Boy-Nop” brings an army of artists full of beautiful songs, full of more than 10 hours.

make the Treasure Hill golf course in Chonburi province warm With the atmosphere of happiness in the 90s with the concert “BOYd-NOP FAMILY : BACK TO THE 90’s CONCERT”, a concert that tens of thousands of fans can enjoy. come back to relive the warm memories ready to listen to beautiful songs by artists Many come to create good moments. For everyone full more than 10 hours..
For the happy atmosphere in “BOYd-NOP TEULU : BACK Y 90’s. CONCERT”, starting in the middle of the day, the fans who arrived all came to occupy the concert seats. Let’s eat delicious food, good things, good things from Chonburi province. Along with joining in the fun in many activities in the event booths Some people are fully dressed in 90’s fashion style, taking beautiful photos at the event as a souvenir.
The event started with cuteness in the HOMEMADE TALENT SHOW a small stage where children, children, grandchildren of the audience at home who have already been chosen come to show their talents. There are toddlers to teenagers Let’s make it colorful and amazing for the audience to fully enjoy.
Before starting on the big stage with ROOKIE SHOW stage, which brought young artists from Alley1, Tong Apicha camp, beloved sisters BOYd-NOP, which brought new artists PIK, KEVIN, FUFU and S to create an atmosphere. Busy as an appetite
Later, it was the season of the NEW FAMILY MEMBERS SHOW that SAMMii, CHRIS JON and THE SPACE BROTHERS, who are siblings of the BOYd-NOP family, helped increase the chill.
Until the sun goes down and the wind drops, it’s time for fun shows from many artists, starting with THE BROTHERS SHOW, listening to the most popular songs of THE BEGINS and NO ONE OTHER, warming up until the end, and then arrived in the HITs section AFTER HITs As if it were the official opening of a BACK TO THE 90s event, BOYd-NOP brought the artists B, Ben, Po, Q, Boy-Trai to the stage, carrying popular songs to show them. , a favorite among teenagers from the 90s to the present day.
Then it’s time for everyone to get up, jump! Along with MODERN DOG, which is full of popular songs like Busaba, Tim along with invited Toon-Atiwara to jam together in the song Things they have never been told, Ta Sawang.
The next part, Y RHEZYMAU / BOYd-NOP, changed the mood for the audience to appreciate the DIVA, the mother, Tiara-Aramradit, who brought the song I’m glad to have you. Come to the show with dozens of cute little kids to fill the stage with warmth!!
and change the file Let’s enjoy a BAND BOYZ II session with Ben, Tor, Q, Mariam, Cacen, along with a big set of moving songs. And also young Burion rocked to join the feature in the love song that just passed, if you let it pass, almost
After that, it was the launch of a boy band gang that has come together completely with the band MEGAHURTZ: Pod, Nap, Po, Bee, Boy-Trai in a special version of the song “Neges” for the concert this too. Before taking a break so that the fans could get up to go to the bathroom after enjoying the concert for many hours, but the owner of the event did not want to rest in vain. put on a small but warm show in case of People who don’t get up to go to the bathroom, this show has Boy-Kosiyapong who brings a happy and kind girl to sing a touching song. together on stage in a cute, adorable way
After that, he continued with the HEART WARMING session, introducing a beautiful artist, Nat-Miria, singing a hidden song and revealing the secrets of the past. In Young Um – Amarin I used to have a crush on nuts. Ready to show surprises, sing, gather stars together, make the audience smile and smile!!
Then it’s time for CIRCLE OF FRIENDS with 2 DAYS AGO KIDS and POP who invite young crabs to show a big set of sound power and also leave the stage for young crabs to sing love you with all their hearts. for the deceased lover to make people watch the whole event to the point of tears

Continuing legendary artists in the LEGENDARY ACOUSTIC era with an impressive show from Tee Chaiyadej, Pu Anchalee, Pun Paiboonkiat, Toon, along with surprise guests, Pu Pongsit made the fans extremely happy.
at this point The clock says 11:30 but no matter how late it is, I’m not afraid when it’s time for fun. EVERYONE DANCE NOW!! Everyone was singing and dancing along with Singto Numchok, LIPTA, Tu-Phopthorn, Kan THE PARKINSON, all former BOYd-NOP fans since the 90’s. That’s not enough. BOYd-NOP adds a degree of Dan. with 90’s DANCE Surprise guests Tad Tik Chiro’s dance floor leading the team Pod, Nap, TRIUMPS KINGDOM Invite fans to get up and have fun before At the end of the concert, BOYd-NOP and the artists sang to each other and a message to everyone who came to the special night of the concert “BOYd-NOP FAMILY : BACK TO THE 90s CONCERT.” Go home with a smile. Happiness and impression..
In addition to this concert, BOYd-NOP will have something else for his followers next year.. Keep an eye on Boyd-Nop’s Social Media!

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