Bae Hyun-jin “I don’t have this XX or Biden…”

picture explanation[사진 출처 = 연합뉴스]

Although several interpretations have been raised over the controversy over the video debates of ‘blasphemy debates’ caught by TV cameras during President Yoon Seok-yeol’s tour of New York, Representative Bae Hyun-jin of People’s Power said that one of the comments was ‘Biden’ or ‘Blow it’. Instead, he insisted, “Ah malimun.” The source of the audio source suggested as the basis was “university”.

Rep. said. Bae on his Facebook page on the 23rd, “The voice is said to have been taken as much as possible from a certain university that studies voice. Claiming, he posted a link to a 23-second YouTube video.

The Bay Assemblyman said, “There was no ‘this bastard’ and there was no ‘Biden’. He added, “It’s a peaceful gathering, but should the president go to work and say this after a day?”

The controversy began on the 21st (local time) when a reporter’s camera captured the remarks President Yoon gave to Minister Park Jin, who was next to him as he left the venue after speaking with President Biden for 48 seconds in the ‘Global Fund Financial Commitment Meeting’ on the 21st (local time).

[사진 출처 = 배현진 국민의힘 의원 페이스북]

picture explanation[사진 출처 = 배현진 국민의힘 의원 페이스북]

The opposition criticized President Yoon saying, “If the National Assembly does not approve these XXs, then Biden will be embarrassed,” and criticized that a “diplomatic disaster” had occurred.

In response, Kim Eun-hye, senior head of public relations at the presidential office, said on the 22nd (local time), “President Yoon did not mention ‘Biden’, but said that if the National Assembly does not endorse him and ‘to throw. explained

Minister Park, who had heard the controversial comments directly at the time, also explained on the same day.

Minister Park said, “I am sorry that the president’s private comments have become a political debate,” Park said in a statement distributed to foreign ministry reporters on the same day. schedule after finishing.”

He said, “Just before (President Yoon) had a short, but deep and intimate conversation with President Biden, there was a reason for the president to criticize the United States in common sense,” he said. , we took it as a sign that we should also show a sense of responsibility commensurate with the size of the economy.”

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