Bae Young-man “23 years ago, my third daughter went to heaven… I was living like crazy because of depression”

Screen capture from KBS 1TV ‘Morning Court’

Comedian Bae Young-man expressed his depression as he recalled the death of his third daughter in the past.

On the fourth episode of KBS 1TV’s ‘Morning Madang’ corner ‘If I were you’, the performers had a conversation with the theme of ‘controlling my mind’.

Performer Bae Young-man said, “I lost my third daughter 23 years ago. I went to an event in the morning and got a call.” He said, “In the emergency room of a hospital in Ilsan, the family member collapsed, and the third daughter that she died while visiting three hospitals. The sky is falling. I thought,” she recalled.

Then, “Severe depression started to set in. I couldn’t sleep or eat like a crazy person,” he said.

Bae Young-man also said, “I got better a little, but because of Corona 19, I didn’t work for three years, so depression started again. I thought, ‘I’m a useless person.’

However, Bae Young-man admitted, “At the time, I wanted to die, but as Corona 19 was released, an event was held and my depression was getting better.”

He said, “There are one or two events, so my depression goes away. If I have a job, there is no depression, and if I don’t, depression happens. I wonder how I should take this depression for the rest of my life life and if there is a way to fix it completely.”

A psychiatrist who heard Bae Young-man’s case said, “It is very difficult to comfort the grief of a person who has lost a family. The part about work is how I judge myself.

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