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Ban Muang – J&T Express reduced the price of shipping push e-commerce to grow

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 3:21 p.m.

Amid the Covid-19 Crisis Most people change their way of thinking. Adjusting new behaviors in the era of the “New Normal”, staying at home has become a normal routine for the general public. Most of the activities focus on online usage and technology. To connect people’s work and life The world is driven by technology that disrupts the traditional business model. Example activities that occur include watching streaming video. Playing online games, ordering delivery, using e-Payment, and shopping online via e-commerce, etc., behaviors that have started to change are as follows. It will inevitably affect the business operations of almost every business as well.

during the past year Changing consumer behavior It was found that there was a change to E-Commerce more and faster. As a result, the current value of E-Commerce has grown exponentially. It believes that consumer demand for goods and services via online channels will persist after the epidemic and continue to grow, according to a Tofugear survey. consumed throughout Asia Plan to increase online spending over the next 12 months.

J&T Express, the express parcel delivery service provider that has been operating in Thailand since 2019 and this year, J&T Express is ready to reinforce its strengths. with express parcel delivery service to all areas throughout Thailand 365 days

J&T Express continues to develop and expand customer groups. It also responds to such behavior with the service “Send parcels abroad. (International Standard Express)” to the network of J&T Express Group with more than 2 billion users around the world. This includes China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines. starting with Singapore and Malaysia first since August 2021

It also lowered the new shipping cost. to meet the needs of online merchants and service users of all target groups Join as another force to support the business to reduce some costs and continue the business. J&T Express noticed from the total parcel delivery of the company. continually increasing The company sees and is ready to support the continued growth of today’s e-commerce business. until helping both large and small businesses

Mr. Bruce Liu (MR. BRUCE LIU), Chief Executive Officer of J&T Express Thailand, said, “We see an increasing demand. Therefore, we are ready to fully support and serve customers from all sectors. We decided to adjust the new shipping cost. Special for customers with a price of 1 kg, only 20 baht, can be delivered to all areas throughout Thailand. the best for our customers. Be a true Business partner for every customer.”

One of J&T Express’s frequent customers, “Pik”, the owner of PickandChooses. The cutest swimwear shop on Instagram with unique make many customers including those stars Influencer Bikini disciples all like it. Let’s share the experience of using the service this time. “PickandChooses Choose to use J&T services regularly because it’s close to home. As soon as the order came in I hurriedly packaged and sent it. When comparing the price, it’s very cheap. And recently, there are orders from customers in Chiang Mai and Phuket. J&T takes only 2 days for the destination customer to receive the item. Really not disappointed.”

and another real user who has used the service with J&T Express since the beginning, “Khun Tao Toey, online entertainment family”, entertainment reporter and star artist manager I would like to share my experience of using J&T Express service. “Toei uses J&T services often. Recently, Toei joins the younger siblings in collecting items to help with COVID-19. Sent to donate at Yala, J&T, they hurriedly picked up the items and delivered them to them. How far will they help deliver? They also take pictures for when the parcel is delivered to the destination. Shipping costs are not expensive. The most comfortable and worthwhile.”

promotion price adjustment Starting today or until there is a change (Conditions are as specified by the company) Contact for more information Social media official account: J&T Express Thailand / Website: www.jtexpress.co.th / Application: J&T Thailand / Call Center: 0-2009-5678 available 24 hours

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