behind! The Constitutional Court argues that the formula of section 100 of the Election Act does not breach the constitution.

On 30 November 2022 constitutional courtIt was unanimously decided that the organic law bill (Royal Decree) involvedvoteMembers of the House of Representatives (No..) BEcomposition Amendment 2021, Section 132 by Section 25 is not contrary to Section 93 of the Constitution and a majority vote of 7 to 2 agrees that Section 26 is not contrary to Section 93 and Section 94 of the Constitution.

Read the news: The Constitutional Court unanimously draws attention to the draft Election Act Members of the House of Representatives have been branded appropriately. which does not violate the constitution

There are news reports that In a meeting of Constitutional Court judges who considered the draft On the issue of Section 25, whether it is contrary to or inconsistent with Amendment 2021 to the Constitution, Section 93, the meeting unanimously agreed. The petition refers to parliamentary sessions. with the intention of disrupting the meeting and failing to consider such draft Act within the time frame of the law Causing us to go back to using the first draft proposed by the Cabinet of the formula for calculating the list of MPs divided by 500 back to divisible by 100

The judges of the Constitutional Court saw that It is a technique for parliamentary hearings. According to the rules of the meeting and he did not break the law But if someone is going to file a complaint about ethics, it is another matter. According to the process, a petition must be submitted to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to consider submitting it to the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court for Persons Holding Political Offices for consideration. In the personal decision of the judge can be written for almost everyone.

Regarding the matter that the judges had a majority vote of 7 to 2, which states that a statement in Section 26 was not contrary to or inconsistent with Section 93 and Section 94 of the Constitution. and Mr Chiraniti Havanon saw that in section 26 of the Election Act MPs are against the constitution Because the entire section of Section 131 has been cancelled, if there is election fraud and a new election must be held in 1 year, it must be calculated. A new list of MPs too But that clause was dropped. along with noting that It must be followed up if there are any practical problems in organizing elections or not.

Although the majority of 7 judges saw that there was no need to prescribe because it is no longer available As there are 2 votes in the electoral system, separate votes must be counted. especially this is the calculation of the list of Electoral Commission Power MPs (ECT) included in the provisions of Section 27, and the judges of the Constitutional Court cannot specify that. How to calculate because it is the duty of the Electoral Commission

News reports also said that Today’s deliberation meeting The judges of the Constitutional Court did not argue much. because it has been discussed many times AND it took more time to discuss it than before considering the draft. Action on Political Parties

After this, within 30 days, a central judgment is issued. Each judge’s personal verdict will then be announced.

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