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▲ Big S sister Xu Xixian (middle) rarely shows her face in public. (Photo / Flipping Xiao S Facebook)

Previously, Wang Xiaofei bombarded Big S and Ju Junye for cheating in marriage, angrily accused her of hooking up with her ex-girlfriend Gu Junye in 2018, and had planned to remarry for a long time, but was struck in her face then when he and Big S were recording “Happy Trio” in China At that time, Big S was recovering from the loss of her third child, so it was impossible to contact Gu Junye. There are Chinese netizens insisting, when it came Ju Junye to Taiwan to meet fans, one of whom was Big S’s sister, Xu Xixian, and Big S’s agent also responded to this.

Elder Sister Xu Xixian (second from right in the back row) sometimes appears at family gatherings.  (Photo/Facebook Flip)

▲ Big sister Xu Xixian (second from right in the back row) occasionally shows her face at family gatherings. (Photo/Facebook Flip)

Gu Junye came to Taiwan to meet fans in 2018. While meeting fans in Taiwan in September this year, there was a female fan there who has been following Ju Junye ever since. Unexpectedly, netizens Chinese mistakenly identified her as the big S Xu Xixian’s sister, Chinese netizens believed that she was the one who helped Big S contact Ju Junye then, and Gu Junye deleted the photos and IG posts because he was worried about be caught.

Fan Gu Junye (bottom left) was mistaken by Chinese netizens for Big S's sister. (Photo / Flip IG)

▲ Fan Gu Junye (bottom left) was mistaken by Chinese netizens for Big S’s sister. (Photo / Flip IG)

But then Gu Junye jumped out to prove that he didn’t delete the post and even declared “STOP FAKE NEWS” to protect his wife. Big S’s agent also responded today that this female fan has been following Koo Junye for 20 years, not big S’s sister Xu Xixian, “This is ridiculous, now all the fake news is on the big sister and the fans, don’t be embarrassed and innocent”.

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