“Bogey Lion” has already answered, take note or not take note of the female singer’s bond, Bor is preparing to hide the marriage registration

Young singer Bogie Pitchsinee or “lion bogey” (bowkylion) posted through social channels with the news that “Singer Bor Bai Mai is preparing to cover up and register a marriage on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.”

latest”lion bogey“It has been revealed. By posting a message saying that “Bogie would like to announce that … Bogie has already registered Somlad. with delicious macaroni soup

Thanks for making everything feel. for since I have had you by my side, I have never felt hungry again

I would like to register with GrabFood. This is the person next to me who receives Valentine’s Day from GrabFood bogeys. More promantic than in love, he is In Lod! Including restaurant deals, up to 60% off*

Only for GrabUnlimited customers, enter the code GUMEGA to get a total discount of 250 baht* with a minimum order of 250 baht and free shipping on all orders!

This Valentine’s Day, anyone who wants to order flowers, chocolates and surprise your loved ones can click to GrabMart. Free delivery*, fast delivery in 25 minutes From today – 19 March 2023.

Earlier, with the rumors that “the young singer, Ban Mai, is ready to lurk and register the marriage on the coming Valentine’s Day,” while the agency posted a message through the story stating that “Bowkylion singer has registered. Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay tuned for the release together today at 7:00 pm

Whether the fans hope it’s true or not or what’s registered before getting an answer to that It’s an ad for GrabFood discounts during Valentine’s Day.

For Bogey Lion, there will be a big concert for the first time, Chang Cold Brew Cool Club presents “BOWKYLION LANTA CONCERT” (Bogey Lion, Lanta Concert) on February 18, 2023, and of course, that ticket has to sell all. finish

Photo from ig: bowkylion

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