Boiling through the track!! Stay tuned for this weekend’s F1 “Miami Grand Prix” battle.

This weekend’s F1 battle is the 5th race of the season and will fly to the United States in the “Miami Grand Prix” program.

Formula One World Championship “Formula One 2023” This weekend is the fifth race of the season on the list. Miami Grand Prix at Miami International Autodrome, Florida, USA Between May 5-7, you can follow the live broadcast on the channel. BEIN Sports 1 (607)

for the previous 4 races 2 drivers seem to take turns winning 2 championships each, Max Verstappen with Sergio Perez who is a racer from the Red Bull team along with both In the cumulative points standings, Verstappen is currently at the top with 93 points, followed by Perez in second place with 87 points. The position of leader can change hands in all areas. which F1 fans must follow without batting an eye

At the same time, the driver in the next row, position 3, cannot be ignored either Fernando Alonso From the Aston Martin team, there are 60 points and 4th place Lewis Hamilton The seven-time world champion from the Mercedes team has 48 points.

For the battle of the Grand Prix Miami is a new race that has just been added to the racing calendar last year. The championship went to Max Verstappen. Who has to come to see that this year Verstappen can hold the championship or not Or is it another driver who has come up to celebrate the championship instead?

However, the battle for the Miami Grand Prix will begin with a practice round on Friday, May 5 at 1:30 am, followed by the qualifying round. On Saturday, May 6, at 3:00 am and the competition round on Sunday, May 7, at 2:30 am, True Visions is broadcasting live throughout the race through the channel. BEIN Sports 1 (607)

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