BTS V joins ‘Seojin’, opens in February “Must be word of mouth”

Photo = tvN

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자] ‘Seojin’ finally opens its doors.

tvN’s ‘Seojin’ (Director Na Young-seok, Jang Eun-jung) released the main poster and trailer on the 27th.

First, the poster shows the members of the ‘Seojin’ family smiling brightly at the entrance of the restaurant. From Lee Seo-jin, who wears sunglasses and boasts about his looks, to the cool smiles of the workers dressed in matching clothes, a friendly atmosphere is evident.

In the main trailer, you can get a glimpse of ‘Seojin’s’ business landscape. The hall is full of customers, as well as the cheerful ringing of bells and the busy movements of the workers give a taste of ‘big hit’ business.

Among them, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-joon, and Kim Tae-hyung, who are confused, and Choi Woo-sik, who feels embarrassed saying, “It seems like his be word of mouth, why are you doing this?” draws laughter. Expectations also focus on the wonderful teamwork of Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik, and Kim Tae-hyung, who are best friends in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, ‘Seojin’s’ is a new franchise restaurant following ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, and is a recreation of a restaurant run by Lee Seo-jin, who was active as a director in ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ after being promoted to president. Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-joon, and Choi Woo-sik reunited, and Kim Tae-hyung from the group BTS joined as the youngest member. It will be broadcast for the first time at 8:50pm on February 24th.

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