By 9 pm, 170,70 conditions have been verified across the nation, 5,695 significantly less than yesterday

photograph = Yonhap News

As the new coronavirus an infection (COVID-19) proceeds to distribute, a lot more than 170,000 new conditions have been verified throughout the region by 9 pm on the 17th.

According to local governments, together with Seoul, the variety of confirmed COVID-19 instances in 17 towns and provinces across the nation amongst am and 9 pm on the exact working day was 170,70.

Even though the range decreased by 5,695 from the exact time time period the earlier day (175,765), it went previously mentioned the 170,000 line for the second working day.

From Wednesday’s rely, this is the maximum number in 19 months since April 6 (224,644 people today).

As there is nonetheless time until midnight, when the rely finishes, the variety of new verified conditions declared on the 18th is anticipated to raise even much more, recording the mid-to-mid 170,000 mark.

As of 9 pm on the same day, 79,901 (47.%) new confirmed instances arrived from the metropolitan space and 90,169 (53.%) from non-metropolitan areas.

By area, Gyeonggi 42,366, Seoul 28,375, Gyeongnam 11,631, Gyeongbuk 1882, Daegu 9613, Incheon 9160, Chungnam 8111, Jeonbuk 6987, Gwangju 6680, Chungbuk 6505, 6680, Chungbuk 6505, 6680. , Chungbuk, 615, 650, 640, 640, 25, 25, 25, 201, 5359), Ulsan (4212), Jeju (2348), and Sejong (1416).

Reporter Eunji Cha,

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