Callisto Protocol DLC contains more death animations. Fans are worried that the content of this series has been removed. The official response-Hong Kong mobile game network

In addition to the regular version, Callisto Protocol will also launch a deluxe version, which includes the Season Pass and DLC story, among other content, including the death animations of 13 main characters, causing some players to doubt.

“The Callisto Protocol” keeps the style of the previous development team of ” Dead Space “. The horror animation performance when the main character dies on various occasions is also one of the biggest selling points of this work. For the new death animation added in the deluxe version, some players It is suspected that the development team will remove the content included in this series and add it to the DLC for additional sales The CEO of the developer Striking Distance responded Studios in person today.

Glen A. Schofield responded to player concerns via Twitter, stating that the Callisto Protocol will not break out the game’s content for DLC, and the team hasn’t even started working on it. The DLC contains new things that the team needs to work on in the new year. The team will prioritize these new content in the coming year according to the players’ request of “want to see more animations death”.

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