Carabao are organizing football for 7 people, taking ‘champions to see the champions’ to win tickets to watch the Carabao Cup final.

Carabao organizes a major event “CARABAO CUP from England to Thailand”, opening the national final “Carabao 7-a-Side Cup”, a 7-man football tournament on Saturday 12 November. Take the “champions to see the champions”, grab a ticket to fly over the sky to watch the final battle of the “Carabao Cup” with a team!! Willing to join EFL to continue the Carabao Coach the Coaches project, raising the level of Thai coaches. Develop Thai youth to be world class and join in the fun at the show “Add Carabao Line Fun for the Carabao Cup” join in the fun, win a chance to cheer on the Carabao Cup champion team to the side of the stadium, along with travel and shop for free in England. is free

In order to reinforce the success of the “7-a-side Carabao Cup” project, Carabao Group Public Company Limited together with Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited or Siam Sport organized a prestigious CARABAO CUP event from England to Thailand inviting legendary players such as Louis Saha, Manchester United legend, 2006 League Cup winner, and Liverpool legend David James, 1995 League Cup winner. Come watch and have the honor of presenting the “Carabao 7-all-Side Cup” national championship trophy on November 10, 2022 at the Park Arena, Bangkok.

Mr. Kamalit Samut Kojon, Deputy Managing Director of Carabao Group Public Company Limited, revealed that the “Carabao 7-a-Side Cup” soccer match, the champion went to see the champion. being held for the first time in Thailand There was a good response from the football team that took part in the competition. Building on the success of being the official sponsor of the Carabao Cup football tournament in England since 2017, which sees that “Sports Marketing” can reach people of all genders, ages and languages, especially “football”, which a universal sport that can reach people all over the world.

7-man football tournament “Carabao 7-all-Side Cup”, a world-class football platform. Heading into the finals on Saturday, November 12, after qualifying for a total of 512 teams in 16 fields across the country between September 17 and November 6, 2022, each field has a total of 32 teams competing to become still the best national championship team. with the big prize that everyone has been waiting for By providing valuable experiences, taking the “Champion Team” to fly to England Watch the finals of the 2022/2023 Carabao Cup season. On the edge of Wembley stadium as a whole team!! with grand trophies and other prizes Total worth over 3 million baht

In order to reinforce its sponsorship of the Carabao Cup, the Company has partnered with the English Football League (EFL) to continue the Carabao Coach the Coaches project, providing opportunities for football coaches in Thailand. and experience to transfer youth football coaching knowledge, skills and techniques to Thai coaches Those trained in this course have developed football coaching skills that match world class standards. Ability to develop and train young players to prepare for stepping up to professional players in the future.

The training activities will focus on theoretical and practical content. So that the trainees can be used to develop and extend the teaching of young footballers to get the skills to practice playing correctly. with an opportunity to ask questions and exchange information including close experiences

In addition, in order for users to enjoy and participate in first class football competitions such as the “Carabao Cup”, the company has also organized a promotional program. “Add Carabao Cup Fun Carabao Line” for everyone to join in the fun easily. Being able to join in the victory, cheer, join in the fun because there is no need to send a cover. Add Line Carabao, there are 2 steps, just add Line Carabao @Carabao and choose your favorite team or cheer for the Carabao Cup champion. Carabao will take you to cheer on the Carabao Cup champion team. with many special prizes for football fans By voting every day, 2 rights a day, you can vote for the team you like. Teams that can support until the Carabao Cup final on February 26, 2023

for the “Carabao 7-bob-Side Cup” in the final Held on November 12, 2022 at the Grand Soccer Pro Stadium (Kaset-Nawamin), Bangkok for the 2022 National Championship, there are many prizes to be won in this competition. The total value of the prize is over 3 million baht, with the winning team in 1st place receiving a cash prize of 100,000 baht and a cup of honour. and medals AND travel to see the final game of the 2022/2023 Carabao Cup at Wembley Stadium, England, the whole team or 16 people, while the second place team receives a prize of 50,000 baht and a medal. The 3rd runner-up team (joining) will receive a prize of 30,000 baht per team and a medal Team 5-32 will receive a prize of 10,000 baht per team Best player and goal scorer. he will receive a trophy and a cash prize of 10,000 baht

Interested parties can follow the 7-a-side Carabao Cup national finals tournament. including good activities from the Carabao Group and they can follow activities from Facebook: Carabao Sports or


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