[CBC Award / Overtake Diagnosis]The previous run of the big defeat is highly evaluated as “A”, which causes turmoil “Possibility of big work” | SPREAD

■ Tamamo tea time

[Interim adjustment]The order of arrival is not stable due to the fate of a thorough lead type, but it is in the 4th and 5th place with no difference in the 3 win class, and it is tentatively set. The big defeat in the previous race was the first dirt challenge in search of new taste. The result can be ignored. Since it is a type that consumes a lot in each race, it is a rest after the previous run. After returning to the stables in early June, the TUF Cup, which is a self-condition for the opening of Fukushima, has been adjusted with a view to both the light handicap and the past three wins and the CBC Award held in Ogura, which is good at it. In the middle, on June 8th, which was his first horse, he made a good move with the first-come-first-served basis, last 2F 12 seconds 3-12 seconds 6 (horse). In the one-week advance, he responded overwhelmingly to the open horse Meisho Tensui and joined in, and the clock was excellent with 12 seconds 0-12 seconds 1 (horse) on the last 2nd floor of the slope.

◆[CBC Award 2022 Prediction / Overtake Diagnosis]”B” evaluation dissatisfied with the popular one-sided graded horse “I ran through vigorously enough …”

[CBC Award / Overtake Diagnosis]”B” evaluation dissatisfied with the popular one-sided graded horse “I ran through vigorously enough …”

[Final run-off]The initial saddle is blank. However, Kyosuke Kokubun, who was originally scheduled to ride on TM Spada, was vacant due to a handicap and was able to secure the same jockey. The final chase was light enough for Kyosuke Kokubun to check the feel, but he was overwhelmed by the response against the three-win class that ran side by side. The watch was mediocre in consideration of the transportation to Kokura and the intense heat, but it is showing a movement that is easy to merge and light.

[Opinion]Previously, the horse was conspicuous in the scene where it became sweet at the end of training, but it has been powered up by the effect of taking a long rest last spring and summer. The stickiness of the last is different after coming here. Especially in the middle of this period, he concentrated on using his legs until the end, and he seemed to be refreshed. Of course, the opponent will become stronger with a higher challenge, but if the weight is 50 kg and it is currently fulfilling, there is a possibility of a big job.

Comprehensive evaluation “A”

▼ Other, overtake diagnosis

◆[CBC Award 2022 Forecast / Overtake Diagnosis]Highest rating of “S” that surpasses First Force “Currently the best sign”

[CBC Award / Overtake Diagnosis]Highest rating of “S” that surpasses First Force “Currently the best sign”

◆[CBC Award 2022 Forecast / Overtake Diagnosis]”A” rating for the fast force that will take consecutive victories

[CBC Award / Overtake Diagnosis]”A” rating for First Force, which will take consecutive victories.

CBC Award 2022 Expected Column List

▼ Anoma forecast
◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.1]Planets with an assumption of “20 times” or more “There is a good chance of becoming a messenger of turbulence”

◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.2]Blind spots around the assumed “8 popularity” “There is a high possibility of being addicted to a high pace”

◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.3]Assumed odds 2-digit thug “The conditions for a good run have been met this time”

◆[Dangerous popular horses]The horses that have achieved a high prize in one of the most popular horses are evaluated as “erased”.

▼ Data forecast
◆[Jockey data]Yellow signal to Anegohada Attention is paid to the hole maker with a 50% concordance rate when the conditions are met.

◆[Data Strategy-Part 1]Achievements of the previous run’s devastating defeat 100% of the consecutive rate is a strong boost in “Summer Kokura” where horses rewind

◆[Data capture-Part 2]I am not surprised even if there is a marvelous “100%” heavy prize first title in a difficult handicap battle

▼ Other data trends for the past 10 years
◆[Frame order]Anegohada is 1st frame 2nd Taisei Vision is 4th frame 8th.

◆[Pedigree tendency]Betting ticket coverage rate exceeds 70% if conditions are met The aim in Kokura is non-Sunday blood

◆[Leg quality tendency]Pay attention to the characteristics of the course The minimum conditions for entering the betting ticket area are ahead

◆[Previous Rote]Warning for top-ranked horses In esoteric races, the class to pay attention to is …

◆[Popularity trend]Focus on 2 popularity with a betting ticket coverage rate of 70%.

Radio NIKKEI Award 2022 Data Column List

◆[Radio NIKKEI Award 2022]Training Video & Reference Race

◆[Radio NIKKEI Award 2022 Forecast / Frame Order / Jockey Data]What is the horse you should aim for from the graph data of the past 10 years?

◆[Radio NIKKEI Award 2022 Forecast / Previous Run Rote]What horse should you aim for from the data graph of the past 10 years in motion?

◆[Radio NIKKEI Award 2022 Forecast / Popularity Trend]What horse should you aim for from the graph data of the past 10 years?

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