CD Projekt Red intends to expand the acquisition plan and delay the Cyberpunk 2077 update date

After the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, there have been many problems, and even the game platform was taken off the shelves for a period of time because the problem was too serious. Recently they announced the delay of the launch of major updates, but at the same time intend to expand the acquisition plan.

In a recent interview, Adam Kiciński, President of CD Projekt Red, said that the major update (version 1.5) of Cyberpunk 2077 they developed for the next-generation console is currently under active development, and the launch time will be delayed until the first quarter of 2022, within this year There will be no updates. He explained that this decision is to achieve the highest level of quality.

However, despite their poor reputation, they did not intend to stop. Kiciński revealed that they are preparing to expand the acquisition plan and acquire more companies. There will be 2 acquisitions in the past month, making its long-term development faster and stronger. development team.

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