Chiang Rai asks to postpone Thai League match, meeting with Port after PM 2.5 dust, serious emergency: PPTVHD36

Leo Chiang Rai United team would like to postpone the Thai League match against Tha Ruea due to the severe PM dust in the province.

Chiang Rai United sent a letter to the Thai League and Port Club. A request to postpone the Thai League match to be played on April 4 due to the weather and PM 2.5 in Chiang Rai which is currently in a serious crisis

In the letter document that Mr. Chitwan Chin Anuwat, the director of the club Was sent to indicate that because the Leo Chiang Rai United Club has a training ground located in Chiang Rai. which during the last 1-2 months in the Chiang Rai area There are dangerous levels of air pollution.

PM 2.5 dust hit Mae Sai, 542 micrograms, sending water to help

The PWA advises on the treatment and prevention of PM 2.5 dust particles.

Especially since March 26, 2023, PM2.5 air pollution levels have reached a 24-hour average of 480 micrograms per cubic meter.

and is expected to continue to rise As a result, the club’s football players are unable to practice This affects the preparations for the next football match on April 4, 2023, a meeting with the FC Port Club at the Leo Chiang Rai Stadium .Therefore, Leo Chiang Rai United Club would like to ask for courtesy and sympathy Please consider postponing that competition as he sees fit. in fairness to the club and looking forward to courtesy


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