Choi Jun-hee, current status after plastic surgery… Unreal doll beauty

Choi Jun-hee, daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, had a beauty that was drastically changed after eye and nose surgery.

On the 18th, Choi Jun-hee posted a photo of herself holding gua sha on her Instagram.

Choi Jun-hee’s Instagram

In the photo, Choi Jun-hee stares straight ahead, showing off her sharper features. He admires her dolls unrealistic beauty.

Choi Jun-hee revealed that her eyes and nose were reshaped in February. Since then, he has also shared the process of getting rid of swelling, drawing attention.

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Meanwhile, Choi Jun-hee was born in 2003 and is 21 years old this year. I communicate with the public as an influencer.

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