Chris Hemsworth To Take Time Off Acting Over Alzheimer’s Risk

Hollywood star, Christopher Hemsworth, is going to take a break from his acting career considering the possibility of Alzheimer’s. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Chris Hemsworth said that the decision was made after discovering that the disease was genetically inherited. (Chris Hemsworth to take time off action over Alzheimer’s risk)

Chris is an actor who won the hearts of the audience with the role of Thor. Chris explained that the risk of disease is revealed not for entertainment or sympathy and the only aim was to educate people.

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People with the ApoE4 gene are 10 percent more likely to develop the disease than others. The actor said that the decision was made considering that the disease is not certain in the future but that the possibility is greater than others.

The presence of ApoE4, a gene that causes Alzheimer’s, was discovered in Chris’ body during tests carried out for the Disney series Limitless.

I want to spend my break with my wife and children. Chris Hemsworth said the test results are not shocking because his grandfather also had the disease.

The break is for things like reducing stress, maintaining fitness, getting a good night’s sleep. He said that ways to prevent Alzheimer’s will also lead to a healthy lifestyle in the future.

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