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The epidemic continued, and everyone started talking about the sequelae of the “long new crown”. However, under the epidemic, everyone went out less and ate more takeaways, ignoring the health problems caused by this new lifestyle – obesity and diabetes, which have a particularly profound effect on school children . The Asian Diabetes Foundation recently launched the “Citybite Nutrition Computer WhatsApp and App” to help re-establish good eating habits.

Obesity associated with high risk of chronic diseases in school children

During the epidemic, school children were suspended for almost 450 days, and even the resumption of classes was often held in the form of online classes. Being at home all day, lack of daily physical education classes, reduces the chance of using energy, and eating more takeaways and snacks that are high in oil and fat, the weight increases day by day day, leading to hypertension and obesity. Studies have shown that the obesity rate of school children aged 9-13 has risen from 7% recorded before the epidemic to 24%. Obesity brings high blood pressure, and can lead to many long-term diseases, such as diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Check the calories to avoid the three peaks of diabetes

Although the opportunity to exercise is reduced, as long as you start with eating habits, you can also lose weight and prevent chronic diseases. “Citybite Nutrition Computer WhatsApp” of the Asian Diabetes Foundation, enter the keywords of the food you eat in each meal in WhatsApp, you can get food nutrition, energy (calories) and dietary advice, and immediately know how much energy you use it in every meal No excess, try to avoid eating high fat foods by mistake, in order to control your weight. Users can also get personalized dietary goals by answering simple questions in WhatsApp, and estimate diabetes risk to build a health defense line.

Citybite’s Computer Nutrition WhatsApp WhatsApp function is quick and convenient, but if you want to know more about food nutrition and make your own nutrition log, Citybite also has an app with a nutrition database of more than 3,600 foods, including food calories and nutrition facts, so you can prepare food easily Calculate the calories of the food beforehand, and enjoy the carefully prepared food with confidence. Users can build a healthy city in the app The city consists of different organs, which are full of fun and easily encourage children to develop good eating habits to avoid diabetes and other chronic diseases. In addition, the app has teaching videos of indoor exercise. Whether students are taking online classes at home or parents are working from home, they can easily exercise and regain their health together.

Citybite Nutrition WhatsApp and Computer App are funded and developed by the Innovation and Technology Living Fund under the Innovation and Technology Commission and approved by a nutritionist. With the support of a nutritionist, you can easily achieve your health goals without worry Starting from eating habits, diet management and living habits in a convenient and effective way, laying a solid foundation for health is also a great recipe for preventing an epidemic.

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