Clips BNC goes into partnership with Medidata

Clips BNC announced on the 30th that it will enter into a partnership with Medidata, a clinical trial solution company, and diversify orders by strengthening and expanding its DM (Data Management) business.

(From left) Ji Jun-hwan, CEO of Clips BNC, Yoo Jae-gu, branch manager of Medidata Korea

With the signing of this business agreement, clinical trial solutions such as BNC Clips ▲ Medidata’s Rave EDC (electronic clinical trial data collection platform) ▲ Rave RTSM (randomized drug/device supply management system and clinical trials) will be introduced.

The aim is to ensure accurate and consistent data in accordance with the guidelines of global regulatory agencies and to strengthen efficiency and competitiveness throughout the clinical trials process, with the aim of managing and executing clinical trials efficiently and expanding business.

In addition, Clips BNC meets the needs of many pharmaceutical and bio companies seeking innovative new drug development and global expansion through partnerships, and plans to actively use them for efficient clinical trial data management.

Accurate management of clinical data and overall efficiency of clinical trials are improved through proactively secured DM personnel, and business expansion into LPS (Late Phase Study – Phase 4, OS, RMP/PMS, etc.) We plan to accelerate’ the process of diversifying orders.

“We are very proud to partner with BNC Clips, the only CRO-based new drug development company in Korea,” said Yu Jae-goo, head of Medidata Korea. We look forward to various collaborations,” he said.

Then, Ji Jun-hwan, CEO of Clips BNC, said, “We have been working with Medidata solution, which has a lot of experience around the world.” It will be an opportunity to get stronger.”


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