Collecting 5 hot issues after the Premier League game, Singha was attacked, not suddenly, by Villa and crushed the house.

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English Premier League 2022/23

race day

Saturday April 1, 2023


Stamford Bridge


Chelsea 0-2 Aston Villa

One is, this was the day when Chelsea’s attack was very bad… very bad – Mikailo Mudric played like he was £62 not £62m, Kai Havertz was sluggish and Joao. Felix is ​​also lethargic (to the point where he becomes the most dangerous Ben Chilwell).

and the second is that it is a date Emiliano Martinez display price form “Gate of the World Championship” enter with

Stats that come out at the end of the game. So it is no less surprising that Chelsea created 27 chances to finish a total of 27 times in the 8th frame, but did not return any goals (as for Villa in the 2nd frame, 2 goals).

Maybe it’s okay to supplement the stickiness Amy Martinez But what needs to be emphasized more is Chelsea’s offensive performance which is very disappointing today. when actually taken Of Martinez’s 7-8 save, only two have been able to qualify. “must go in” can

especially 2 chance of Michael Mudric If he changes to a sharp striker Or a high sense of the ball (in some flashes, think of Eden Hazard during the peak), it should take Chelsea to get a head, the 6th who did not choose to pay, but shoot themselves to save and then The .31 which slides away on its own, clearly and easily slides into the goalkeeper’s chest.

If you can hit 1-0 first or hit 1-1 quickly, you can believe that the game will not come out as a “home loss” like this.


Because even though Chelsea has much better possession of the ball, almost 70-30, or will create a total of 27 chances to finish, but when it can’t change to a meaningless score

Aston Villa oh Unai Emery Didn’t make anything too complicated for this game.

Fix the wall tightly. depending on the viscosity of Emiliano Martinez a little more, and return quickly. keep sharp Don’t waste your chances, Chelsea can’t go anymore.

1-0 goal where Ollie Watkins through Kepa Arrizabalaga fit fully into the above before adding more fullness with the pop of John McGinn with a starting point from a corner kick

Check the bill for your own opportunities. And wait for Chelsea’s lethargic offensive game who diligently throw away chances on their own and it’s all over.

And since Unai Emery took over (November 6), Villa have won nine games, more than Arsenal (13) and Manchester City (10).

Chelsea FC v Aston Villa – Premier League | Craig Mercer/MB Media/GettyImages

Because the table never lies for anyone, with Chelsea sinking in 11th place and further away from the top four from six every day. It has a reasonable cause in itself.

That is because Chelsea this season is not good inside and outside the house.

while Liverpool or Manchester United There are irreparable scars in away games. Both red teams still have good home game results to rely on, wrongly Chelsea that whether at home or away from home It’s all dizzying.

From 14 home games, Chelsea won 6, drew 4, lost 4 and collected 22 points. “Rank 10” in this sense

In terms of 14 away games, Chelsea won 4, drew 4, lost 6 and collected 16 points. “Rank 10” in this sense the same

Lost 4 at home and lost 6 away

A year that has lost a lot like this, you have to go back to 2019/20 where you lost a total of 12 games… luckily you finished 4th and got a ticket to the CHPL.

But this time he is not that lucky.

Chelsea FC v Aston Villa – Premier League | Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Indeed, Chelsea’s style of football during the Graham Potter era gradually improved after winning 3 games in a row and almost winning 4 games in a row, but was beaten by Ellis Sim. Memes drew 2-2 to Everton before the international break.

I hope the loss Aston Villa This time it will be fair “accident” It was a temporary stumbling block. Blame the fatigue many players suffer from playing for the national team. Or blame the luck that doesn’t take sides until the chance runs out 27 times, doesn’t change the score at all

Hope to fall and then dust up immediately

because next Tuesday There is an important game with Liverpool Wait (Stamford Bridge)

A game that will make that clear Which side will still have a chance to win European tickets?

If Chelsea falls and doesn’t get up Losing 2 games in a row would be Karang, looking at next season — without European football to play at all.

(Or you have to win the Champions League… get past Real Madrid first in the 8-team round)

Chelsea FC v Aston Villa – Premier League | Craig Mercer/MB Media/GettyImages

This was the 10th loss by a team that had invested over £500m in the last two markets.

Like I said, Chelsea are actually starting to improve a bit. Collect some of the desired results before the national team break. Graham Potter Worked to awaken this new set of forces peacefully That’s right.

But when football in this period did not have much room to “calm down”, Potter did not have time to prove his skill for a long time either.

this season Todd Bohly may still be able to forgive No matter what rank you finish Will or will not go to the CPL

but next season Maybe not, if Potter continues to give a good performance, preventing Chelsea from returning to the top of the Premier League.

Can wait to celebrate… Chalong receives compensation for breaking the contract!