Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update: A Complete Transformation of the Game

CD PROJEKT RED is gearing up to release their highly anticipated 2.0 update for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, and early testers are raving about the game-changing improvements it brings. Renowned gaming outlet GameSpot has compiled a list of 9 key features to look forward to in this update, shedding light on the exciting changes that await players.

One major enhancement is the revamped perk tree system. Previously a complex web spread across multiple pages, it has now been streamlined into three distinct branches. Each perk offers players unique abilities that bring a fresh dynamic to the gameplay. Examples include ‘Air Dash’, allowing players to swiftly engage enemies from above, ‘Stuntjock’, enabling running and sliding while armed in a vehicle, and ‘Cryn’, a devastating ground slam attack with blunt weapons for neutralizing nearby foes.

The update also brings significant upgrades to ‘Cyberware’, an essential piece of equipment in the game. As players level up or unlock new tech features, they gain access to a wider array of cybernetic enhancements. Alongside beloved options like the ‘Mantis Blade’ and ‘Gorilla Arms’, new cyberware with diverse abilities has been introduced, bolstering character defense and stamina. This overhaul eliminates the need for armor attached to outfits, affording players greater freedom for customization.

Vehicle-related improvements are another highlight of the 2.0 update. Players can now conveniently purchase vehicles through terminals, and the ability to utilize weapons while inside vehicles has been added. This means players can wield one-handed firearms like pistols and shoot while driving, or even draw a sword and launch attacks on enemies while cycling through the city.

Furthermore, the 2.0 update tackles longstanding criticisms by greatly enhancing the AI behavior of police officers. The much-maligned issue will now be rectified, resulting in a more immersive and realistic gaming experience. Additionally, players can now enjoy the company of feline companions by taming and adopting cats, adding another layer of interaction and enjoyment.

Scheduled for release alongside the new ‘Phantom Liberty’ DLC on the 21st, the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update promises an array of exciting features that will undoubtedly elevate the gameplay experience for players. Stay tuned for more thrilling developments as CD PROJEKT RED continues to refine and enhance their groundbreaking title.

[게임플] As CD PROJEKT RED’s (CDPR) 2.0 update for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ approaches, key elements of this update are being released one after the other.

Those who have tested the 2.0 update before its release are praising the changes it brings. The common opinion is that it has become a completely new game with a cataclysm worthy of the ‘2.0’ modifier.

GameSpot, a leading game media outlet in America, has compiled 9 things to look out for in the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update. The first change introduced is the revamped perk tree system. The complex perk tree, which was divided into several pages for each feature, was neatly organized into three branches.

Each perk gives the character a unique ability that has never been seen before. Representative examples include ‘Air Dash’, which allows you to quickly engage an enemy from the air, ‘Stuntjock’, which allows you to run or slide while armed in a vehicle, and while carrying a blunt weapon, you slam hard on the ground to kill nearby enemies There is a ‘Cryn’ that neutralizes them.

There have also been major changes to ‘Cyberware’, one of the main pieces of equipment. As you increase your level or tech features, you can equip more and more various cyberware. In addition to the existing ‘Mantis Blade’ and ‘Gorilla Arms’, a cybernetic with various abilities has been added, allowing the character’s defense and stamina to be increased. Thanks to this, the armor attached to the character’s outfit disappeared, allowing for more customization for free.

Vehicle-related changes are also evident. Vehicles can now be easily purchased in the terminal, and the ability to use weapons in vehicles has also been added in this update. While riding a vehicle, you can draw a one-handed weapon such as a pistol and shoot, and it is also possible to draw a sword and attack an enemy while on a bicycle.

In addition, in Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 update, changes were made, such as greatly improving the AI ​​of the police officers, which had received a lot of criticism from existing users, and adding the ability to tame and adopt cats, providing users with new. experience in many ways it is expected to provide. This 2.0 update will be added separately to the new ‘Phantom Liberty’ DLC on the 21st.

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