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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]Nippon Ham ace pitcher Naozhi Uesawa was hit in his right foot by a strong ball yesterday. After diagnosis, he suffered a fractured toe and will have to rest for at least 8 weeks.

Naoyuki Uesawa. (taken from twitter)

The incident happened in the first half of the 7th inning. Naoyuki Kamizawa was hit in the right foot by a strong ball from Jantzen Witte. Although he received short treatment, he successfully finished the inning, but according to Japanese media reports, the game was over. Later, Naoyuki Uesawa was interviewed with a cane.

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After the game, Naoki Uesawa went to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed with a fracture of the 3rd toe base of his right foot. He needed to rest for 8 weeks, and his registration was cancelled today.

Naoyuki Uesawa has played in 17 games this season, with 6 wins and 5 losses, and a ERA of 2.72. He is the ace pitcher in the lineup. Regarding his departure from the battle line, supervising “BIG BOSS” Shinzhuang Gozhi looks positively: “Sports games have always been All kinds of accidents, from a positive perspective, are opportunities for other players to improve their strength.”

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