[Dechrau dosbarthu]A miraculous story about adventurers and monsters! Heartwarming adventure and life RPG “WONDER MU: Mew and the monster destiny” | Famitsu app for smartphone game information

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THE WONDERFUL MU: Mu and the Monsters of Destiny

Gather your favorite family and explore Muland!

Archosaur Games has started distributing the new smartphone application “WONDER MU: Mew and the Fateful Monster”.


This work is an RPG where Muse, who can take five jobs, and his fellow Families work together to protect Muland.

Send party members to the main battlefield and the sub-field. In both battlefields, you can enjoy highly strategic battles while considering the weather and formations.

Between battles, you can arrange your room to your liking, enjoy hot springs, fishing, farming, tending animals, exploring, etc. with your friends.

Enjoy an epic story in a fantasy world!


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★ Game Introduction ★
When Muland was created, the gods left a “holy tablet”.
Mankind mastered the four natural elements of magic, “Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind,” through the “Sacred Tablet.” Mankind developed rapidly through magic, and six prehistoric civilizations were born, and Famie and Muses lived peaceful days.
100 years ago, the 5th element “Ether” was discovered, which was sealed from a slate.
“Aether Beasts” that consume the four main elements and transform life into machines scattered across Muland ――――
In order to protect Muland, Famie and Muse begin to fight fate.

★Family can fight together! ★
From Divine Beasts to Ether Monsters, let’s fight together with the family members you collect on your journey and deepen your bonds!
Families are at the forefront of massive evolution and fusion!

★ Innovative turn-based combat! ★
Send your party members to the main battlefield and the sub-field, and crush the enemy on both battlefields! Depending on the weather, natural element skills also double the damage! By making full use of different formations, you can organize more freely!

★ A wide variety of “museums” that give their strength! ★
Six prehistoric civilizations await you with unique and talented leads. Changing the party composition and taking “Kizuna Skill” is a shortcut to victory.

★ A game mode that everyone can enjoy! ★
Arrange your room to your liking, and enjoy a relaxing life with your friends, such as hot springs, fishing, farming, taking care of animals, and exploring! How you spend your time in Muland is up to you!

★Let’s go on a great adventure with the members! ★
There are plenty of fantasy costumes, and you can change the colors freely!
Infinite colorful family look! Let’s draw out its charm even more!

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THE WONDERFUL MU: Mu and the Monsters of Destiny

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