Dia4 has a story, a sense of impact, and enjoyment that didn’t exist in Dia.

[아재기자의 일차원리뷰] Dia2 mania, Dia4 open beta

Ajae in his early 40s, ‘Balcon’ is his game and ‘Makgwi’ is his ears. I do not know difficult terms, and even if it is a product with new technology, I do not really feel it. But we also have the right to choose and use the product. I write randomly and honestly for people like us. It is up to the reader to live or not.

‘Diablo 2’, Blizzard’s most popular ‘Diablo’ series, was released in 2021 as a remastered version of ‘Diablo 2: Resurrection’ (hereafter referred to as Diablo 2), and several ‘Nephalem’ (descendants of gods and demons). in the game) were released. reuniting the descendants of humans). The reporter, who was a gamer who was a gamer who enjoyed the story while enjoying triple-A (AAA) level single-play-oriented games, was also immersed in the quagmire of ‘farming’, where repeatedly visited dungeons to acquire soulless items, for over a year. Going around dungeons like ‘Sanctuary of Chaos’ and ‘World Stone Citadel’ with ‘Sorceress (Level 85)’, doing ‘Torch Quest’ with ‘Paladin’ (Level 94), and ‘Barbarian’ (Level 86) I stayed up several nights playing ‘Travincal’ countless times.

▲ Lilith, believed to be the final boss of Diablo 4. Courtesy of Blizzard

‘Diablo 4’ (hereafter referred to as Diablo 4), which will be officially released on June 6, has completed an open beta test for general users at 4:00 am on the 28th, Korean time . In 2018, ‘Without Nimphone’ (when Blizzard announced the mobile game ‘Diablo Immortal’ in front of users who were waiting for the Dia4 release announcement at its annual game show ‘BlizzCon 2018′, to the disappointed crowd, “Don’t you Take genuine Diablo users who were hurt by the incident) entered the test with high expectations and stayed up all night on weekends. I didn’t reach the level 25 test limit, but I chose and played the barbarian. Can Dia4 2′ save’ the reporter from a farming quagmire?

Completely overcome the weakness of the flat story of the previous work Barbarian two-handed weapon ‘Puck Puck’ Sensitive shot Huge open world map, with high and low elements Level 100 users “Beta, less than 1/100 of the total”

The downside of Dia 2 is that there is almost no story. The story line itself is simple, and there are no dramatic scenes. In order to experience the fun of character development, you have to play up to the 3rd round, but you had to play again and again in order to cultivate without the fun of the story. Although the story element was slightly reinforced in ‘Diablo 3’, the Diablo series was not a suitable game for enjoying the story.

▲ Diablo 4 barbarian character appearance customization screen. For the first time in the series, you can set gender and appearance for each job. Courtesy of Blizzard

But Diablo 4 has a story. It was a limited test at the beginning, but it starts with a dramatic situation of the main character’s appearance and lets you experience a twist. We can feel that Blizzard is determined and reinforcing this part. In particular, the fact that cutscenes that pass naturally from the screen in the game and the appearance of characters set to suit the user’s choice are directly reflected in the cutscenes have increased the level of immersion in the game.

In particular, there is a ‘sense of impact’ which can be seen to be completely absent in the previous work. It is also typical of the ‘hack and slash’ genre from the perspective of the quarter, but the feeling of hitting is now a very important factor in the artistic quality of all games with action. However, on the console and PC platforms, Dia 2 Remastered, the latest work before Dia 4, also improved the graphics to the current generation level, but no elements were added to give a sense of effect other than the vibration of the version’s controller console.

▲ The barbarian’s Diablo 4 battle scene. Courtesy of Blizzard

The entire screen shook every time the two-handed weapon wielded by the barbarian chosen to see the feeling of Dia4 hit the demon. The vibration of the controller as well as the ‘sticky’ sound and physical reaction applied to the enemy character created a cool sense of impact.

It is also interesting that there is an open world map that was not in the previous game. Diablo, which made history in the hack and slash genre, adopting an open world system is a big challenge, and user reactions have been generally positive. It was also interesting that the open world map was not too simple, and there were high and low areas, so I made a device to climb or ride down.

Farming elements such as character development, item collection, and evolution were an important point that separated Dia2 and Dia3 maniacs. After the release of Dia 3, users left Dia 2 who preferred the existing training and farming system, and reacted explosively when the remaster was released.

Diablo 4 aims to combine the strengths of its two predecessors. Only a small part of it has been tested, but it seems to have been somewhat successful by properly combining the many different instances of the skill tree that the user can choose, realized by disassembling items , and varying degrees.

▲ A battle scene between barbarians in ‘Diablo 4’, which will be officially released by Blizzard on June 6. Courtesy of Blizzard

As befits the open world system, a number of side quests appeared even in the early stages, and each quest had its own story. I felt the difference from other open world games that had a lot of volume and were simply repetitive. One user who tested Dia4 from the closed beta test to the ‘highest level’ (level 100) said, “This open beta is less than 1/100 of the content of the whole game.” I thought I could do it, but there were so many things to do even in this limited scope that I felt like my head would explode.”

In an open chat room where players who enjoy Dia 2 on the PlayStation have gathered, there are many users who say, “I will buy it as soon as it is officially released.” Everyone has their likes and dislikes, but Diablo maniacs seem to be generally satisfied with this open beta. In particular, cross-platform play is supported for this game so that different types of console and PC users can mix and enjoy together, and in the case of consoles, offline two-player play is also possible, so I more excited about the idea that I can play with someone at home.

Reporter Kim Min-seok


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