| Doubt that the underpass is weak: supported by jacki

Sabarimala: Doubting the strength of the Sannidhanam footpath through which lakhs of pilgrims pass, the officials supported it with iron jacks. Above this, devotees reach the eighteenth stage.

After completing the darshan, the pilgrims reach the Appam and Aravana counter through the footpath. The footpath starts from the vicinity of the Maha Prasad and reaches the hall for distributing bread and aravana prasada. The foundation slabs are cracked. It has been whitewashed to hide the crack.

The footpath is completely fixed with prop jacks to prevent it from collapsing when there is a rush of rituals. There are about 20 such jackies set up in the underground. Just before the pilgrimage, the prop jacks were set up.

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