Easing transfer tax for single-homeowners…W “Considering easing of multi-homeowners”

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The National Assembly’s Planning and Finance Committee has passed a bill to amend the Income Tax Act, which raises the transfer tax standard for one homeowner from the current market price of 900 million won to over 1.2 billion won.

The Democratic Party has argued that it is necessary to temporarily ease the transfer tax burden on multi-homeowners.

Reporter Ji-Kyung Kim will tell you.

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[윤후덕/국회 기획재정위원장]

“I declare that the vote was passed with 12 in favor and 2 against.”

A bill to raise the standard for ‘high-priced houses’, which is required to pay capital gains tax for one house per household, from 900 million won to 1.2 billion won, has been passed by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly.

It will be implemented from the middle of next month at the latest following the resolution of the plenary session and the cabinet meeting.

The Democratic Party and the power of the people said that the current standard of 900 million won was set in 2008, 13 years ago, and it should be corrected as it did not reflect the increase in prices and housing prices.

[김영진/국회 기재위 조세소위 위원장]

“For the parts that have not been adjusted since 2008, we have no choice but to adjust in accordance with the reasonable flow of the real estate market by reflecting the published price and market price…”

There were concerns that this could increase the demand for more expensive houses and cause the market to become unstable, but the government agreed to some extent.

[장혜영/국회 기재위 위원]

“I think that demand itself will shift to high-priced housing, which will further aggravate the anxiety of the still unstable housing market…”

[홍남기/경제부총리 겸 기획재정부 장관]

“Maybe the adjustment of the capital gains tax deduction amount may stimulate the real estate market anxiety…”

However, the agreement between the parties has not changed.

The Democratic Party said it is also considering ways to ease the burden of transfer tax for multi-family homeowners.

The purpose of imposing a heavy ownership tax on multi-homeowners is to make them sell their properties, but it is not easy in a situation where the transfer tax is also high.

[김성환/더불어민주당 원내수석부대표(MBC ‘김종배의 시선집중’)]

“It is a difficult situation to own and sell, so it is necessary to consider a plan to temporarily lower the transfer tax for multi-residential owners or something like that.”

As the worsening real estate public sentiment has emerged as an issue in the presidential election, there is an analysis that it has entered into appeasement.

The people’s power to insist on a full review of the taxation system is more active in tax easing, so there is a possibility that the discussion will turn around.

The Justice Party criticized, “Using tax policy as a ticketing tool just because an election is near is an act that undermines the public’s trust.”

This is Kim Ji-kyung from MBC News.

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