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Since Eason canceled the Red Pavilion show in 2019, it has been postponed again due to the epidemic. This time, he managed to get the Red Pavilion schedule for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and finally he can “spend” with fans . In the past, Eason had to actively lose weight before the concert, and the image of a fat uncle in his middle age has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for many years. However, since the start of the new corona epidemic, when everyone has been working from home, taking online classes, and staying at home due to the great reduction in activities Due to various reasons such as isolation, the phenomenon of “anti-epidemic obesity” has appeared in society. Many people have gained weight and become fat during the epidemic, but Eason, on his birthday in 2020, posted a birthday photo of a handsome boy who successfully lost weight. After washing, it used to be greasy. Obese image, success!

Eason successfully lost weight during the epidemic and held a concert.

In the past, everyone would think that getting fat in middle age is an inevitable law. When you get old, the basic metabolic rate of the human body will decrease with age, and naturally the God of Songs is no exception . But in fact, this tradition has a concept that has always been “It is not true,” because according to representative research findings published by American universities in the medical journal Science, the basic metabolic rate is not always decreases when the human body reaches 40 or 50 years of age Even in puberty and menopause, there is no significant correlation with metabolic rate.

Before Eason lost weight, he gave it up for a long time and did not mind “exposing his belly”.

The actual metabolism of the human body

Only in infants does the body’s metabolic rate increase rapidly, peaking at 1 year of age, and then decreasing at a rate of 3% per year.

After age 20, the decline will stop, and it will remain flat and stable thereafter.

After about age 60, the basal metabolic rate of the human body will start again, and will decline at a rate of 0.7% per year.

Therefore, the metabolism of the human body will not slow down as the age increases, especially when the person reaches middle age, there will be a significant decrease in the metabolic rate. Experts emphasize that when the basal metabolic rate remains the same, the only controllable factors are exercise, activity and diet, and the main cause of real obesity is the conversion of too much food into too much energy, not because of the energy consumption. Chances are decreasing.

Lose Weight Correct Tips and Concepts

1. Non-exercise options: reduce sedentary situations, you can walk, take stairs, etc. instead of taking elevators and cars, and doing housework can also use energy.

2. Increase the amount of exercise options: exercise should choose aerobic exercise, weight exercise and ball sports, etc., the effect will be better, and it must be sustainable.

3. Diet effect: choose to eat prototype food, eat less processed food, and eat enough protein.

Celebrate the birthday before, successfully close the body, and immediately revive it!

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