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Eriksen congratulates colleagues on award, “Thank you to those who saved my life”

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[인터풋볼] Reporter Hyo-Yong Yoon = Christian Eriksen, who collapsed from a heart attack at Euro 2020, thanked his colleagues for providing quick first aid.

Eriksen suddenly collapsed on the field in the 41st minute of the first half while playing against Finland in the first leg of Euro 2020 Group B on June 13 (Korean time). The cause was an acute heart attack, and the referee urgently called a medical team into the stadium. After receiving first aid for about 10 to 15 minutes on the field, Eriksen was put on a coral respirator and carried out on a stretcher.

Emergency measures by Danish colleagues at the time also played a major role in saving Eriksen’s life. As soon as Eriksen collapsed, captain Kiyer ran and grabbed his tongue and secured the airway. After the medical staff were put in, they surrounded Eriksen with colleagues. This was to prevent the audience and the camera from seeing Eriksen. Kiyer’s instantaneous judgment and leadership shined in an emergency.

Kier’s actions were immediately praised around the world. “I am not a hero,” Kiyer said. I just did what I had to do. We all saved Eriksen.”

Eriksen also thanked Kiyer. According to British ‘Mirror’ on the 25th, Eriksen said, “I want to say thank you to the medical staff, Simon Kier, and my teammates. They saved my life. Thank you to all the fans who sent messages to me and my family. It meant a lot and it gave me a lot of strength. Thank you,” he said.

Eriksen had a successful surgery during the tournament and even walked to the Danish national team training ground. After Eriksen’s visit, Denmark miraculously advanced to the round of 16 and further advanced to the quarterfinals.

Eriksen returned to his club Inter Milan on the 4th of this month. Although he has not returned to the field yet, it is known that the team is undergoing a recovery program and is being rehabilitated.

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