EXCLUSIVE. What the victims from the USA and the Republic of Moldova declared at DIICOT in the case of the Tate brothers

The file in which the brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate are being investigated, together with the former police officer Luana Radu and their right-hand man, Georgiana Naghel, is in the phase of the procedural documents regarding the IT searches of the mobile phones, laptops and devices seized on the occasion of the raids on December 29, 2022 In the case there are, as is known, four incriminating statements – according to the investigators. Of the four, two belong to a female American citizen EG and a young woman from the Republic of Moldova, AU

GÂNDUL is able to provide you with the details that the woman from the Republic of Moldova provided to the investigators as recorded at the end of the January 10, 2023 session of the judges of the Bucharest Court of Appeal:

“For two weeks, the injured person AU lived with the said PI, ABG and AMA, and during this time the defendant Naghel Georgiana was nice to her, she was the one who took care of the shopping and everything needed for the house. The aggrieved person also stated to AU that PI and AB told him that they were doing OnlyFans and that they were giving half of the earnings they were making to the two brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate. At the same time, the one in charge of collecting the sums of money obtained from the posting of various images and videos on the OnlyFans website was the defendant Naghel Georgiana who later gave the sums of money to the defendants Andrew and Tristan Tate and the one in charge of managing the accounts on the social media platform was defendant Radu Luana”.

How the victim from Moldova ended up live on Tik Tok under the name Natasha

The injured party AU also stated that “the defendant Naghel proposed from the very first day to make her a special account in order to obtain sums of money from the posting of live videos, with the card of Naghel Georgiana attached to the TikTok account. The named AB (another aggrieved party in the case) proposed to the aggrieved person to go live on TikTok, with the defendant Andrew Tate suggesting that he could do so because he could make money.”

The victim from Moldova, according to the court document, went live on TikTok with AB (no – the latter being one of the girls who, in the public space, claimed that she was not a victim, even though the prosecutors introduced her with this quality in question). During the filming on TikTok, the young woman from Moldova was called Natasha.

In the reasoning of the CAB court, it is further specified, with reference to this aspect:

“She didn’t have an account, she was using the account of another girl, AMA called Coculeț, who had been in a relationship with Tristan but who had already left (she hadn’t left the Tate brothers’ location). He received a Huawei brand phone and in it he saw the videos of AM;.A. who was tattooed and the infinity sign”.

Miami meeting and Rolls Royce pickup from Otopeni

From the statement of the woman in the USA mentioned as strong evidence in the file by the DIICOT investigators, it follows how she was “recruited” by Tristan Tate.

“EG met Tristan Tate through the Reddit app as well as a matrimonial site and was contacted by him. They talked for about a month and a half, then met at the end of December 2021 when Tristan Tate was in Florida – Miami for a conference.”

It is about conferences that were held by the Tate brothers to teach men how to relate to women, and EG received an invitation to these conferences, the entrance ticket being about 7000 dollars.

According to the statement he gave to DIICOT, EG came to Romania on 04/05/2022.

“Tristan Tate picked her up from the airport in a blue Rolls Royce. He told her they were going to have lunch, although she wanted to rest. Tristan Tate took her to his house (…) in the yard he saw two armed men”.

In the same statement, EG said that she then remembered Tristan Tate grabbing her neck (not when they lived together for a week and had sex in the US) “but she didn’t remember in Miami if she wanted to or not because that’s what Tate had told him.” After arriving in Romania, as long as she lived in the house of the Tate brothers in Voluntari, the victim claims that Tristan Tate kept telling her that she was being watched, even when she was writing in the living room.

The US victim agreed to pose nude on the condition that her face be blurred

“EG told her that she didn’t want to live there anymore, he asked her if she wanted in the house where Andrew Tate lives with two girlfriends or in another apartment where there was another girlfriend of Tristan Tate (Carmen), whom he also met her, who is Romanian and had a relationship of one year and four months with Tristan Tate”. EG was asked if she agrees to take a nude photo and if she agrees she will receive 50,000 euros. It appears from her statement that she agreed but with one condition: her face be blurred. According to her statement, on 10.04.2022 EG together with the young woman from the Republic of Moldova “decided to leave there and bought tickets for London”, the court document states.

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