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Fernando Alonso says Max Verstappen and George Russell turned on the TV to watch F1 while they were away from F1.

At the end of the 2018 season, Fernando Alonso put an end to his second stint with McLaren, at which point he was also away from F1. Alonso, who participated in the WEC from Toyota, won the Le Mans 24-hour race twice and won the 2018-19 WEC championship.

In the meantime, he made two Indy 500 appearances, but failed to qualify in 2019 and finished 21st in 2020. He also made his debut at the Dakar Rally that year.

But Fernando Alonso had a reason to keep watching F1 on TV. To see George Russell and Max Verstappen.

Fernando Alonso was also intrigued by Max Verstappen’s performance, but he is willing to explain how much he appreciates George Russell, who will join the Mercedes F1 in 2022.

“As with the early stages of the championship, even before starting in Bahrain, the drivers that impressed me when I watched it on TV at home were George (Russell)’s performance at Williams and Max Verstappen. The TV was switched on, “he told

Daniel Ricciardo then broke into the interview to get in the way of mentioning that Alonso impressed Renault, who won the 2005 and 2006 titles, in the two seasons when Fernando Alonso was absent. ..

Daniel Ricciardo won two podiums at Renault at the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix and Emilia Romagna GP before moving to McLaren in 2021.

“And Daniel,” Fernando Alonso interrupted and laughed.

“He was in Renault and that machine was very interesting to me last year.”

“But no, that’s why I was watching on TV because they were giving something special.”

For Fernando Alonso, who returned to F1 from Alpine last year, 2022 was the main focus when new regulations were introduced. He called for a change in F1, which had been dominated by Mercedes F1.

Alpine F1 wants to win and title by 2024.

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